Compile Heart announced 3D dungeon RPG Mary Skelter Finale for PlayStation 4 and Switch in the latest issue of Dengeki PlayStation.

Mary Skelter Finale
Mary Skelter Finale

Mary Skelter Finale depicts the end of the “jailbreak drama” series that unfolded through Mary Skelter: NightmaresMary Skelter 2, and the Mary Skelter short stories. The protagonist, who is trapped in Jail, a “living prison” full of twisted creatures known as “Marchens,” aims to escape with the help of “Blood Maidens” who possess special powers.

The story of Mary Skelter Finale opens with the following prologue: “A single match decides the ending of the jailbreak drama. When a lonely ‘little match girl’ no one notices is given a name, a single hope and joy was manifest in a single match… The curtain is about the rise on the finale.”

Mary Skelter Finale

Having finally escaped from the Jail, the protagonist and company are met with the “Foul Feeding Overseer Tower” floating high in the sky, as well as the “Genocide Pink” (executioner girls) who laughed maniacally among thousands of dead bodies.

Mary Skelter Finale brings back the same basic systems of previous games, but also features new elements suited to a finale. Its biggest new feature is the “Zapping System,” where the game progresses while switching between multiple protagonists in real-time. Players will simultaneously control multiple parties comprised of characters old and new while exploring 3D dungeons full of mystery.

Mary Skelter Finale

The final entry in the Mary Skelter series also includes an adventure story (visual novel) in which you can experience the stories of Mary Skelter: NightmaresMary Skelter 2, and Love Prison Tower Mary Skelter. Plus, a sequel to Love Prison Tower Mary Skelter called Love Prison Tower Mary Skelter: True End (with added swimsuit event) will also be included as a pre-order bonus.

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