Metroid Prime Trilogy on Nintendo Switch is rumored to be developed sooner or later. As Best Buy isting potentially leaks the existence of the long-rumored Metroid Prime Trilogy port for the Nintendo Switch

Metroid Prime Trilogy on Nintendo Switch

Metroid Prime Trilogy on Nintendo Switch could tide some fans over while they wait for Metroid Prime 4, plus it would help bolster the Switch’s library. Previous reports have indicated that the Switch will continue to get ports this year, with old school Super Mario games rumored alongside Wii and Wii U titles. Assuming those reports are accurate, bringing Metroid Prime Trilogy to the Switch seems like it would be a no-brainer for Nintendo.

In the meantime, Metroid Prime Trilogy isn’t the only Metroid game rumored for the Nintendo Switch. Another rumor has claimed that a 2D Metroid game is also in the works for the system, though that remains to be seen. Nintendo found a great deal of success with the 2D Metroid: Samus Returns, so it doesn’t seem out of the question that the company would pursue another 2D Metroid game for its newest console.

Even though it was announced all the way back at Nintendo’s E3 2017 Nintendo Direct, fans likely still have a long wait ahead of them when it comes to Metroid Prime 4. This is thanks to the fact that development on the title restarted in 2019, with Retro Studios taking control of the project. However, it seems like there will be at least some Metroid Prime content for the Switch in the near future if a Best Buy listing is anything to go by.

A recent Best Buy listing has leaked the existence of Metroid Prime Trilogy for the Nintendo Switch. No other details are available in the listing, but it’s likely that Metroid Prime Trilogy on the Switch is a direct port of the collection that was previously released for the Wii in 2009 and the Wii U eShop in 2015. This means that Switch owners should be able to look forward to enhanced versions of the original Metroid Prime games, assuming the Best Buy listing is legitimate.

Metroid Prime Trilogy is out now for Wii and Wii U, and is rumored to be in development for the Nintendo Switch.

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