I Am Dead, the colorful puzzle adventure was revealed as part of the Nintendo Indie World Showcase back in March, will arrive Switch in September this year, courtesy of publisher Annapurna Interactive.

NEW! I Am Dead for Nintendo Switch to release September 2020

In it, you take control of museum curator Morris Lupton, a deceased resident of the island of Shelmerston who examines the location’s history and folklore with the help of his trusty dog Sparky, also deceased.

Annapurna Interactive has shared that the game will be heading to Nintendo Switch in September 2020. Along with this, they also recently released a new slice of gameplay for the title – highlighting its premise and its unique mechanic of zooming into various objects and locations.

NEW! I Am Dead for Nintendo Switch to release September 2020

This quirky game certainly caught our attention earlier in the year, although from the initial reveal it was tough to know exactly what this puzzler entails. Fortunately, the game featured in the July Day of the Devs broadcast, and the developers have put out the trailer below explaining a little about Shelmerston and what you’ll be getting up to on the volcanic island.

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