Nintendo is the second most-viewed gaming brand on TV from June 16 – July 15, 2020.

Nintendo is the second most-viewed gaming brand on TV

It seems that Nintendo still remained its royal title in the advertising world, especially after it hyped-up one of its bigger game launches this year.

According to VentureBeat, Nintendo remained the second most-viewed gaming brand on television from 16 June – 15 July 2020. While the company gave a huge advertising boost to Paper Mario: The Origami King, this still fell behind Sony’s aggressive marketing for The Last of Us II in the same period.

Here’s a more detailed breakdown for Nintendo below:

  • 186.2 million TV ad impressions, generated by 14 spots which aired over 1,800 times.
  • The Most-seen ad with over 5o million impressions was “Put the World Back in One Piece” for Paper Mario: The Origami King.
  • Three of the top shows by impressions were SpongeBob SquarePantsBunk’d, and Big City Greens.
  • Top networks included Disney Channel, Nick, and Cartoon Network

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