A company spokesperson said that Nintendo Switch production has returned to normal.

Nintendo Switch production has returned to normal

Owing to the spread of novel coronavirus over the past few months, the global economy has been seriously affected and Nintendo was no exception. Nintendo Switch’s consoles have been heavily impacted.

Supply constraints caused by the coronavirus pandemic have caused stock levels to remain consistently low worldwide, with warnings of supply issues beginning way back in February. Lately, retailers have struggled to have a consistent amount of stock, and it hasn’t been easy for new consumers to purchase the track, but it looks like things are finally starting to change for the better.

Nintendo Switch production has returned to normal

A new report for CareerConnection explains the reasons why many fans have been left disappointed after failing to secure a console in lottery sales in recent weeks. Wherein, a Nintendo representative said that Nintendo has almost fully recovered from its supply issues. It is also aware of situations such as resellers buying up consoles and selling them for a very high amount.

That being said, the production of new Switch consoles is almost back to 100% capacity, although demand for new systems is still currently outweighing the levels of stock in stores.

The report noted that the Nintendo spokesperson said that Nintendo Switch production has returned to normal, but couldn’t offer a concrete answer on when stock levels will once again keep up with demand.

The only slight downside is that Nintendo can’t say when exactly shortages will end, and when retailers will have ample stock. That’s because it depends on the market itself, the company said.

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