A trailer above is the upcoming playset from the collaboration of Lego and Nintendo. When the first hint was revealed, virtually all the fans’ responses were, “We will get a Lego Mario game”. But sadly, that’s not the case. However, what the two companies revealed was something innovative and interesting. You can build your own Mario levels and run through them with a Mario Lego figure with an animated screen on his chest.

There are additions to the latest Lego set which features all of your favorite Mario sounds like “Ya-hoo!” and “Wow-wow-wow-wow!” and animated eyes, chest, and tons of Mario-related noises and music–traverses the hellish landscape you create filled with Goombas, Piranha Plants, and uncertain doom.

The Lego website hasn’t announced the specific release date of the set yet. They note it is coming at the end of this year and more information on this set will be available soon.

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