Notable news for GTA 6 fans: All major cities onto one massive map

An extremely interesting question for GTA fans is ” Why have one city when you can have all of them?” This article is definitely the notable news for GTA 6 fans: All major cities onto one massive map.
All major cities onto one massive map -

As much as it pains me, we’re clearly light-years from another GTA, especially after Rockstar announced another remaster of Grand Theft Auto V for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

In the meantime, gamers can dream about what’s coming. I remember the joy of driving around Los Santos for the first time in 2013; the scale, the exploration, how alive it all felt. How could the studio improve upon the map? Well, just add more… a lot more.

Check out the amazing map concept for Grand Theft Auto VI below: 

All major cities onto one massive map -

Earlier this week, Reddit user megahurst posted a GTA VI concept online: a map that would combine Los Santos, Vice City and Liberty City, as well as San Andreas’ Las Venturas and San Fierro.

One user commented: “I’d love GTA 6 to be like this. Have a properly massive world and single player experience. Maybe start off small time with a character who lives in each of the cities pulling off their own jobs until through the story they begin to meet up somehow and pull bigger and bigger heists.”

Another added: “It would be epic if your friend in online lived for example in Vice City and you in San Fierro so you would fly plane or drove car long way to him or you could go on a trip to another city.”

All major cities onto one massive map -

Indeed, it’s an surprising idea. As people in the comments have pointed out, it would give boats and planes more purpose beyond causing mayhem. ‘Imagine road trips with optional side missions along the way, an updated Blonde Radio, and cross country races with friends between cities,’ another user wrote.

One should consider the cost of such size, though. Think about the Just Cause series; vast, yet often baron lands that aren’t particularly fun to explore. GTA’s fun lies in colliding with people, dishing out needless violence and running away from the police. Would you really want to drive across an anonymous stretch of motorway for 20 minutes to do so?

All major cities onto one massive map -

Earlier this year, Kotaku reported GTA VI was in the early stages of development, with plans for it to be a ‘moderately-sized’ game that’ll be expanded over time. The most consistent rumour is a return to Vice City, with a single protagonist and a story supposedly inspired by Narcos.

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