Director of hit Train to Busan, Yeon Sang-ho, said that a “wider scope” and double the budget for the follow-up Peninsula is on the progress.

It is said that the next movie is not an “official sequel “ to the Korean zombie hit, but the 42-year-old director confirmed the set is in the same world with the 2016 film, four years on.

Yeon Sang-ho
Director Yeon Sang-ho

Director Yeon told Screen that the film is set at a time in which government authority has been “decimated” as a result of the zombie outbreak.

He added: “The scale of Peninsula can’t compare to Train To Busan, it makes it look like an independent film.

“Train To Busan was a high-concept film shot in narrow spaces whereas Peninsula has a much wider scope of movement.”

The 2016 film Train to Busan grossed $2,1 domestic and $93m (£80m) at the worldwide box office. The movie not only touched the audience’s hearts but also With Metacritic’s point of 72, the New York Times rated it as “like a wriggling ribbon of undead clinging doggedly to the last compartment”, and filmmaker Edgar Wright lauded as the “best zombie movie in forever”.

The cast of Train to Busan
The cast of Train to Busan

This time, Peninsula will be turned to a ghetto and was isolated to prevent the virus from spreading.

Eerie parallels with the current spread of the coronavirus have not been lost on director Yeon.

He said: “Of course I never dreamt of anything like the new coronavirus. But recently I have been learning the news about the collective selfishness that you do see facets of in Train To Busan and in Peninsula, that brings about tragedy.”

It was thought that there would be no sequel to Train to Busan, but later, the director changed the decision when new ideas shed a light on his mind.

 train to busan poster

“The idea of being able to build a post-apocalyptic world – which would be sort of savage but also in a way like ancient times, or like ruined modern times, with rules of its own – was interesting to me,” he said.

The filmmaker added that numerous stories keep coming out of that world with “destroyed, isolated, extreme”. However, along “with the hope of escape and humanism, and the way world powers would look at this place”.

The movie was shot for over three months starting in June 2019. Peninsula has already sold to distributors in several international territories.

The movie is currently earmarked for a release this summer in South Korea.

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