PewDiePie Warning About the PS5’s Price in his new Youtube video, noting the fact that Sony hasn’t officially revealed it yet is telling

According to the world’s most popular YouTuber, PewDiePie Warning About the PS5’s Price, the fact that Sony has been dancing around questions about the PS5’s price is not good news for PlayStation fans hoping to cop the console at a relatively cheap price point this holiday season.

PewDiePie Warning About the PS5's Price in his new Youtube video
PewDiePie Warning About the PS5’s Price

“So, the starting price for the PlayStation 5… whoops we ran out of time guys,” said PewDiePie mocking Sony. “Didn’t they announce — when they announced the PlayStation 4, the price was amazing and they were so proud of it. There was no way they were not going to have that in their presentation. So, the fact that they haven’t announced a price is not good news.”

Also in the video, PewDiePie talked about the console’s unconventional design, noting that the Xbox Series X came out on top in this regard. In fact, PewDiePie reveals that he actually thinks the fake design done by fans ahead of the reveal look better than the original and that anyone who thinks the design of the console doesn’t matter is conveniently ignoring the fact that Sony likely spent millions upon millions in R&D when designing the console.

PewDiePie Warning About the PS5's Price in his new Youtube video
PewDiePie Warning About the PS5’s Price

“Maybe it looks better in person,” said PewDiepIe. “I don’t wanna be that guy, but even before I saw anyone’s reaction to it, I was like, ‘that looks really ugly’.”

PewDiePie added that his design idea for the console would have been a throwback design that paid homage to the first PlayStation, which, at one point, some PlayStation fans thought Sony was actually going to do.

At the moment of publishing, not only has Sony not revealed the PS5’s price point, but it’s unclear when this will even change. That said, we suspect the starting price will be $500.

PewDiePie Warning About the PS5's Price in his new Youtube video

“The PS5 will cost $500, or at least that will be the starting price point,” reads a snippet from our PS5 price prediction piece. “Sony has hinted at the PS5 being a bit on the pricey side in the past, which certainly rules out a $400 price point.

Meanwhile, rarely do consoles sell at the $50 mark, and if Sony were to choose $450, it would require it to eat some of the costs upfront, which it won’t do. At this point, everything points to a $500 price point. There’s no way it makes the mistake of charging $600 again, and again, consoles rarely will sell at the $50 mark at the start of the generation, which rules at $550.”

How do you feel about PewDiePie Warning About the PS5’s Price in? Do you think that he is right? Leave your comments below.

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