Plague Inc: Evolved simulates the spreading tactics of a global pandemic that threatens the existence of mankind, giving you valuable lessons on fighting disease

Plague Inc: Evolved was released in mid-February 2016, belonging to the real-time strategy game genre (RTS) combined with simulation. The game is the only child of the Ndemic Creations but made a big splash in the gaming industry, even the medical experts in Europe, the Center for Disaster Prevention and Prevention (CNC) in the US also paid great attention to the authenticity and educational value, the consciousness that this game brings.

Plague Inc: Evolved takes the plot from an epidemic pathogen on the first infected patient named “Patient Zero”, players will use bacteria, viruses, … to create a pandemic with the goal of destroying the human beings. The battle sounds easy, but the nature of the RTS series requires a very effective strategy to achieve victory. The game will end when the disease cannot spread around the world, and humans find a cure.

The highlight of the gameplay of Plague Inc: Evolved is the system of more than 10 different pandemic types. Each pandemic will be initiated by a type of bacteria, viruses, biological weapons, including pandemic zombies that also appear in the game. Each disease will have diagrams to improve symptoms, spread and weather resistance or disease resistance of sick people

Plague Inc: Evolved - Destroy Humanity by a Pandemic

The Symptoms are cough, pneumonia, circulatory system disorders and even death. The possibility of spreading possibility through animal (bird, animal, …); through insects like mosquitoes; through contact between people such as kissing, holding hands, sneezing, …;  or even through the air, through running water.

Depending on each person’s tactics, the game will have different approaches to each country and territory. Each place will have its own weaknesses and strengths such as poor countries in Africa, which have high temperatures, but lack of water resources, so upgrading the disease can resist high temperatures and spread through domestic water. .

Or European countries with cold climates, with high technology, must upgrade resistance and cold resistance. Greenland is arguably the hardest place in the game because of the harsh conditions and only one airport, making it very difficult for the disease to reach. On Reddit, Greenland is known by many gamers as “the promised land,” they commented: “After playing Plague Inc., I intend to move to Greenland, that place is safe.

Plague Inc: Evolved - Destroy Humanity by a Pandemic

Plague Inc: Evolved is considered by the gaming community to be quite difficult. But extremely addictive. When you start playing, your feeling will be very easy when in turn the disease spread everywhere, but humanity will resist by “closing the harbor”, blocking the airport, or even closing the border to prevent the disease from spreading through their countries. So the strategy is not to attract attention with “terrible” symptoms but upgrade the ability to spread across multiple hosts.

Each infected person or an infected country, you will collect additional DNA points to upgrade, optimize the genome of the disease, to destroy the world. Remember just a place where germs can’t reach is game over right away.

The music in the game is so well, the instrumental music brings a bit of tragedy, a little calm. If anyone has ever played Civilization, the music in Plague Inc: Evolved is almost the same. Steam also released a separate music DLC for Plague Inc: Evolved under the name Plague Inc. Original Sound Track for gamers to enjoy.

The game also has an interesting point is that the multiplayer mode called “VS Mode” two players will confront each other, one “spread” the disease and the other one to fight off the spread in many ways. In this mode, in addition to the parts for the epidemic, there will be additional upgrades for players to find ways to fight the disease.

Plague Inc: Evolved - Destroy Humanity by a Pandemic

Because of the pragmatic detail, many experts are interested in Plague Inc: Evolved, the initial look at the game seems a bit creepy but the way the game approaches human survival, brings a lot of humane values, helping gamers play while understanding the mechanism of spread, transmission, and evolution of the disease. On the other hand Plague Inc: Evolved helps players capture the preventive measures and weaknesses of some underdeveloped continents. Playing games, listening to good music and supplementing with knowledge, nothing is as interesting as it is.

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