Rumors says that PlayStation 5’s price may be at $399.

PlayStation 5's price

Sony has not officially announced The PlayStation 5 console at the moment, but recently Notebookcheck discovered that the Play N Trade store chain in Vancouver Island, Canada has begun letting customers order PS5 with cost CA$559 ($395). This means that if the Play N Trade price is accurate, and not a “deposit”, the PS5 will cost the same as the PS4 at launch, and PS4 Pro when Sony officially sold this upgraded version in 2016.

This figure will certainly make Sony fans feel relieved, especially after some rumors said that the PS5 will be significantly more expensive than the PS4 thanks to the use of new hardware, most importantly, the high-speed SSD, amid scarce supplies due to production disruptions due amid the ongoing pandemic. But on the other hand, with the price like this, there’s a high possibility that the overall cost to play games comfortably on the PS5 will be between the $500 and $600 range.

The reason is, the SSD inside PS5 only has a capacity of 825GB, according to the official statement of chief architect Mark Cerny which is only enough to install 6 to 8 games, if the games on PS5 are 80 to 100GB in sizes like Call of Duty Modern Warfare or Red Dead Redemption 2. If you want to play more PS4 games, you will definitely have to buy one 1TB NVMe M.2 SSD. So gamer may consider losing another 100 to 200 USD depending on type and quality, not to mention the purchase of game discs or digital games for PS5 on the PlayStation Store.

It is believed that Sony has to sell the device at a reasonable price to stimulate demand from the market, but then the extra cost will eventually make players feel uncomfortable. In fact, the Xbox Series X is no different, as the 1TB SSD hard drive also has to be upgraded with a separate $ 250 external hard drive that Microsoft developed with Seagate. Even it does not include system software and operating systems. For example, a 500GB PS4 hard drive lost 93GB for the OS, and the same thing can happen with PS5.

So, PlayStation’s fan, for PlayStation 5’s price of $399, do you want to buy PS5? And if the SSD runs out of space, would you invest in an external M.2 SSD?

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