PUBG Mobile makes a mark on mobile world as the famous battle royale game reached its 2 years on store and already made more than 600 million downloads world wide

PUBG Mobile Gameplay
PUBG Mobile Gameplay

PUBG MOBILE has hit an all-time high with downloads and it’s just in time for the game’s two-year anniversary.

The game will officially turn two tomorrow, March 21, but it has already reached a whopping 600 million downloads globally. That is a staggering number by any means, but probably more so in a two-year time span.

In addition to the 600 million downloads the game also has 50 million daily active users. Which means there’s a whole lot of people still playing this game.

Naturally that doesn’t come as a surprise. And it shouldn’t as mobile gaming itself has become more popular. On top of that PUBG MOBILE was released after the PC version was already incredibly popular with players.

And it keeps adding new content through successive updates that are part of new seasons. So, players consistently have something to come back to. Day after day, week after week, month after month.

PUBG Mobile Trailer

In case you missed it earlier, PUBG MOBILE has 50 million daily active users. That’s daily. Not monthly. So every single day 50 million players from around the world are logging in trying to get that chicken dinner.

Tencent and PUBG Corp. also pointed out that the global download and daily active user numbers don’t include China. Where there is no doubt a large portion of players.

The downloads aren’t likely to slow down either. The continued updates with new content are a major part of that. There always seems to be something interesting to do in the game. Something to chase.

With the second year celebrations (which started earlier this month) PUBG MOBILE unleashed the Royale Pass season 12. So now players have a wide range of new things to acquire. This was a very big content update that players will be able to live for quite some time.

New seasons. Content updates. Crops of new players and loads of new weapons for them to use. Amidst all that PUBG MOBILE added six new game modes in the last year alone.

Survive Till Dawn, Darkest Night, Arena, Infection, Payload, and Winter Festival are those modes and some of the more popular options within the game.

As long as the teams continue to bring this kind of content to players, the players will surely keep coming back. And if that happens then PUBG MOBILE could have just as successful of a year in 2020 as it did in 2019.

To help celebrate the game’s milestones Tencent and PUBG Corp. are also holding a contest called the 2Gether We Play Theme Music Cover contest. Anyone interested in participating is urged to check out the official website for it.

The contest started on March 15 and it submissions will be accepted until April 15. The grand prize is a trip to a PUBG MOBILE Esports tournament where you’ll get to play the winning theme music cover. So enter if you fancy yourself a potential winner.

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