Revealed the gameplay of Total War Saga: Troy. the blockbuster strategy 2020, and it will be free in 24 first hour on Epic Games store

After the great success of Total War: Three Kingdoms, the duo Creative Assembly and Sega continue to give fans a new version, full of epic colors. Called Total War Saga: Troy, this version will bring players to the land of myths – Greece.

Total War Saga: Troy is the latest version of the popular strategy game series Total War. Based on the context of the Illiad, the game takes you back to the age of the Trojan War, one of the most famous battles in human history.

Revealed the gameplay of Total War Saga: Troy, the blockbuster strategy 2020

Achilles, Agamemnon, and Hector are among the heroes you will encounter in the game with the ability to fight that surprised you. Like the characters in the Three Kingdoms, they can take on the entire battle unit on their own. The duels in Troy are quite similar to the battles in the Three Kingdoms version, but after a certain amount of time, the heroes can retreat without any other damage. In addition, they can perform their own epic quests in addition to the main quest to receive legendary weapons and many other rewards.

The context of the game will take place throughout the vast Aegean region. Although the area looks small, when compared to the map in Rome 2, it is still a large open world. This allows history not to be fixed at any time.

Revealed the gameplay of Total War Saga: Troy, the blockbuster strategy 2020

The Illiad will be considered the origin of the game, and you can follow the path of understanding if you are a willful person, gather a powerful Greek army, chase Paris, and Hellen to finally besiege of Troy. However, depending on which of the eight factions you choose, things can go very differently. You can side with the prince of Troy, Hector, or hop on a boat to Greece, kill some enemies before they set sail.

Greek mythology has not stood up to many different gods and monsters, perhaps so the Creative Assembly wants to capture the mythological elements in battles but must ensure the historical reality of Total War. The studio said it was trying to describe the truth behind the legends in the game.

Revealed the gameplay of Total War Saga: Troy, the blockbuster strategy 2020

In the game, the gods will influence the events because the Greeks and Troyes themselves believe in their abilities. Of course, Zeus and Ares will not wander to torment the good people, but if you honor the gods by building temples or winning battles, you will receive many valuable rewards.

In addition, you can ruin relationships of enemies thanks to the power of the gods. On the other hand, mythical monsters and monsters, which will appear in battles and will be unlocked when you travel to certain areas. Each mythical monster will have its own power and ability in each battle.

Revealed the gameplay of Total War Saga: Troy, the blockbuster strategy 2020

As expected, within the first 24 hours of launching on August 13, 2020, gamers around the world can download and receive Total War Saga: Troy for 100% free. Simply put, you don’t need to pay any fee, Epic Games Store will give you Total War Saga: Troy. As long as you download it within the first 24 hours, it will be yours forever. On August 14, the game will begin to be sold. If you miss the first 24 hours, you will not receive free games but have to buy money.

So try not to miss this game for its first 24 hours. If you want to download the Game for Free, Click Here on August 13, 2020, and you can take this game for free

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