Neon Abyss is a rogue-like game that looks normal, but I think Neon Abyss is full of exciting action with all kinds of crazy toys that humans can think of.
Review Neon Abyss-a blockbuster retro game combines Contra with Castlevania
Review Neon Abyss-a blockbuster retro game combines Contra with Castlevania

The rogue-like genre is familiar to gamers when it is used in many different big and small games and of course including Neon Abyss. But unlike normal products, Neon Abyss is more like a Rambo adventure in the world of Castlevania, with all kinds of monstrous weapons that you will not be able to see anywhere.

Unique rogue-like gameplay

Review Neon Abyss-a blockbuster retro game combines Contra with Castlevania

The development of Neon Abyss is kinda weird right from the first moment when the protagonist suddenly accepts Hades’s offer to go to hell “to make an adventure tour”, Hades has sent him to hell and watched this guy fight with his monsters as an entertaining game show. In fact, in the game, we not only control a single character, but it seems that it is a mercenary team with all kinds of weird components.

Each character in the Neon Abyss will have different looks and skills, some favor a gun, some prefer cold weapons and some even use supernatural powers. Players will unlock new characters depending on the progress in the game, it means the farther you go and the more points in hell, the faster it will unlock. This is the core of rogue-like gameplay, but with Neon Abyss the hell will evolve over time as well as stronger enemies depending on your previous play.

Review Neon Abyss-a blockbuster retro game combines Contra with Castlevania

The map structure of Neon Abyss is designed in the style of Castlevania, with dungeons, gates, and corridors connected, as well as locked in many places. Players will just adventure while finding their way and explore hell, the thing is that every time you play again, the map will completely refresh rather than retain the same design as before. Even the locations of monsters and bosses are changing too which makes the game quite unpredictable and worth replaying.

Unlike the horizontal screen hack and slay action games, Neon Abyss has more Contra-like gameplay. You will constantly pick up weapons throughout the journey, they will immediately change the weapon of the character, if you shoot a gun, there will be cluster bullets, rockets, lasers, and odd things like “cat gun” or water bubbles as well.

On the other hand, if you choose a melee character, the attacks with long-range and weapons will also change when picking items, including active skills. The arsenal of weapons in the Neon Abyss must reach nearly one hundred, not to mention you can combine it together leading to extremely unique combos.

For example, a gun, you can initially pick up a rocket, but if combined with cluster bullets, you will fire three bullets at once. Similarly, a normal laser, charged with hell energy after killing bosses, will unleash full-screen light chains but have a long reload time. The number of combinations is almost endless, not to mention the game also releases weapons constantly, so the more you play the more addicted and never get bored in creating the perfect weapon for yourself.

Review Neon Abyss-a blockbuster retro game combines Contra with Castlevania

Many mini-games and hidden elements

Review Neon Abyss-a blockbuster retro game combines Contra with Castlevania

Of course, if only merely shooting and combining, Neon Abyss was not so attractive, it has many interesting random mechanisms that you may encounter on the road. Characters will pick up strange eggs, which may contain monsters that provide support, guns, or special skills when hatched. We will not know what is in the egg, as well as the power of monsters will increase proportionally to the time the character exists in hell.

Next is the strange mini-game such as fishing, obstacles, and puzzles … many of them copy the legendary games like duck shooting, Mario or Pacman. In general, these parody games help create a sense of comfort for players, rather than just shooting every day to kill and roam in hell. Neon Abyss focuses on the hard-working and character creation, so I have a feeling that its boss is not difficult at all.

However, the stronger the mechanics of combining weapons to live longer and a rogue-like game seems to be a risky game, because in the perfect running tour where you have collected dozens of items and the best weapons, then finishing dying and start again, in the beginning, is pretty depressing mood. Even if Neon Abyss allowed us to upgrade character stats to retain bonuses after death, the feeling still could not satisfy gamers.

Review Neon Abyss-a blockbuster retro game combines Contra with Castlevania

The graphics of the Neon Abyss follow the usual retro style of the Castlevania genre, it uses a lot of flashy colors to describe the ability to attack weapons as well as monsters in hell, generally, the game is heavy on entertainment, so you will find everything is playful. It’s just that its music is quite normal, or I can say that it not at all compatible with the quality of the game, but nonetheless, Neon Abyss is still a very good game – especially for those who love the retro game genre.

Review Neon Abyss


  • Unique character development mechanism.
  • The huge amount of weapons with many types of upgrades.
  • High replay value.


  • Must working hard and unlock a bit too much.
  • The retention of bonuses after death sometimes not commensurate with the time spent.
Neon Abyss Launched A Free Demo Ahead Of Its Full Release!

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You can download the game HERE.

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