Stickman Trick Soccer Review: Easy to play but hard to Good

Stickman Trick Soccer is a light entertaining game, accessible gameplay, but difficult to top.

Today, when it comes to football games, we’re not just talking about PES, FIFA or the 22-person games that compete with the ball like usual. Football game now has a lot of interesting and new ways to develop. For example, practicing for players to adjust the direction of the ball, pass the ball by swiping their hands like in Score! Hero, or like playing two characters trying to score against each other like Head Football, or for players to play the manager of a team, …


Stickman Trick Soccer Review: Easy to play but hard to Good

Stickman Trick Soccer is also a game taking the subject of king sport. However, this game will not take gamers to the pitch, but to practice putting the ball over obstacles and kicking into the net. Stickman Trick Soccer was developed by Djinnworks GmbH, a company that has been very successful with the previous version of Stick Soccer 3D.

So this game will bring gamers something new about football? Let’s explore a strange football game style of it!

Gameplay: Easy to access but not simple

Stickman Trick Soccer takes the topic of football and in-game mission of the player is extremely simple, which is how to put the ball into the net. Instead of 22 players on the pitch as usual in king sports, Stickman Trick Soccer will only give players 1 football player and 1 single ball. The problem is that the game obstacles created in the distance from the ball to the goal.

In this game, gamers will adjust the direction of the shot with a swipe. You will see a line indicating the direction of the shoot. The length of this line will be equal to the light or strong shot that the player wants. The operations in the game are relatively few and accessible. What the player does is adjust the direction with his finger, then press the kick button to finish.

Stickman Trick Soccer will have many maps, each map will have obstacles and difficulty Increasing through stages. The game will limit the number of shots, the player will have to calculate how to put the ball on Goal but take as few shots as possible. This way of playing is quite similar to golf. This game has tried to apply physics to the screen as realistic as possible. That is, the player must know that if he kicks the ball with too much force on a flat surface, the ball may roll away; or if the player kicks the ball at a high angle, the ball will not be able to roll far away when dropped.

Later, the game will require players to have more headaches to calculate. The arrangement of the obstacles of the following maps forces gamers to calculate the shotting force to each inch. If excessive, the ball may roll down to the dead position or go beyond the point you need or will hit the spikes.

Stickman Trick Soccer Review: Easy to play but hard to Good

Some Disadvantages of Stickman Trick Soccer

Simple Gameplay is an advantage but also a drawback of this game. The game does not have a bar for players to base the shot on the standard, but only on the short length of the direction adjustment bar. This accidentally makes it difficult for players to calculate the path of the ball. Next, adjusting the ball with a swipe also brings a bit of inconvenience, because gamers’ fingers are often quite large, making it difficult to choose the direction of the shot to be exactly as you want.

I guarantee that the direction will be slightly off when the player takes his hand off the screen. But with Stickman Trick Soccer, one wrong shot will make the ball go in the wrong direction. If the developer returns it as a virtual key, it will be easier. Hopefully, the developer will add it to the following updates as an option.


Overall, Stickman Trick Soccer has a light capacity so it can be easily played on all Android and iOS devices. The game has a high degree of difficulty, the more you play the game, the more you will need to calculate the force of the shot as well as the direction of shooting. The simple and interesting gameplay of Stickman Trick Soccer is still worth players to experience on their phones.


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