international gamer Rogue Universe: Galactic War is released on Android, attracted a large number of players on the publish day

Rogue Universe: Galactic War - Korean Science-Fiction Game released

Developed and produced by Must Games in Korea, the strategy game with the sci-fi scene Rogue Universe: Galactic War has been released in over 140 countries including South Korea and the United States – two major markets. Recently, on Google Play platform already has this game in Asia, except Japan and China.

As a sci-fi strategy game, Rogue Universe: Galactic War was built with the Unreal Engine 4. This is the game chosen as a member of Epic’s Unreal Dev Engine development gaming project in 2018. In the game, gamers will feel a beautiful universe space by manufacturers from Marvel, DC, Disney … consulting and illustrating. Images of spaceships and planets displayed truthfully and vividly.

The gamers of Rogue Universe: Galactic can participate in the development and operation as well as design of spaceships with various shaping. This mobile game owns hundreds of different types of spaceships of all sizes and colors. Players can also engage in space wars with other players or legions. Among the galactic battles, players will fight for territory in a challenging 100vs100 competition, the strategy is applied at maximum and extremely interesting.

Rogue Universe: Galactic War - Korean Science-Fiction Game released

The game has been officially launched on Google Play, players can join to download and experience Rogue Universe: Galactic War immediately to receive many item rewards, to quickly build power. The game also plans to launch on the App Store in the future, the time has not been announced.


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