Steam sets record with 20 million concurrent users

Steam is an ideal playground for gamers as millions of people are asked to stay at home around this time. However, the number of users participated in this platform is surprising.

According to Valve, over 20 million people logged in Steam and set a new concurrent user record, marked the culmination of 6,4 million actively playing a game.

Of that 6.4 million, just over 1 million were playing a single game: Counter-Strike, which itself set a new record over the past two days, passing that seven-figure milestone for the first time in its history.

Following Counter-Strike, DOTA 2 (700k), Rainbow Six Siege (196k), Path of Exile (115k) and Grand Theft Auto V (173k) are respectively the other top games.

Although they are a record number of users, amid the coronavirus outbreak, we can probably expect them to be broken in the days ahead. And hopefully broken again, repeatedly

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