This means gamers only have 1 more week before they say goodbye to their pockets in Steam Summer Sale 2020

Every summer, Steam always launches attractive promotional events to give the gaming community the opportunity to buy the cheapest game. This year is no exception, according to information from, the biggest game discount event in 2020 – Steam Summer Sale 2020 will take place from June 23 to the end of July 9. This means that gamers only have 1 more week before saying goodbye to their money.

Steam Summer Sale 2020 is coming to us next week

Of course, at the moment, there is no information on any games that will be discounted during the Steam Summer Sale 2020 event, but according to the usual year, there will be hundreds of different large and small titles. receive a huge discount during the event, even up to 70 – 90%. For PC gamers, this can be considered a better opportunity to own quality and expensive games.

Steam Summer Sale 2020 is coming to us next week

Besides the traditional game series such as GTA, The Witcher, Dark Souls, or Assassin’s Creed, this year, Steam gamers are also very excited to wait for the super products from the Console to switch to PC. The list of discounted games will be updated quickly for you in our next news.

Steam Summer Sale 2020 is coming to us next week

Currently, before the Summer Sale event, Steam is hosting a big event called Steam Game Festival: Summer Edition. Allow the gaming community to play free demos of 900 different big and small games from June 17 to June 22, which is also the time when Steam Summer Sale will take place. At this point, this is an opportunity for gamers to play free games before leaving their pocket money.

You can get this discount when you log in on Steam, Click HERE to get your game discount.

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