The viewer of the Streamer Berry felt no reason to punish this dance.

Streamer Berry dances sexily after the ban

Although Berry is only 23 years old and has not been in the industry for a long time, she has been a familiar name in the vast streamer community in Korea. She regularly streams on Twitch and even runs both her YouTube channel and Instagram page. However, because of her somewhat sexy and hot body, she also encountered many problems. Not long ago, because she made the cosplay of the character Nami in One Piece too sexy, her channel had to receive a ban.

Streamer Berry dances sexily after the ban

But after coming back from the ban not long ago, Berry continued to make fans more excited when performing the sexy dance of the song Snap. In fact, the choreography is not too hot, but the tight orange shirt shows off a sexy waist that has made many viewers admit that they are “visually shocked” when watching the performance.

Streamer Berry dances sexily after the ban

Immediately, the broadcast platform issued a warning to Berry. Just so you know, she should remember that she had just served a sentence not long ago because of erotic costumes. However, Berry’s fans and viewers promptly defended their idols, claiming that the outfit was completely reasonable and they shouldn’t blame the streamer just because she has a sexy appearance. streamer Berry1

Previously, she once made fans crazy when covering and dancing to the famous song “I So Hot” by Momoland. And even, this dance also attracts nearly a million followers, mostly thanks to the tight, sexy red dress, which compliments both the face and body of the streamer.

Streamer Berry dances sexily after the ban
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