Although the start was not good, T1 lost on the first day of the 2020 LCK Summer, with T1 fans, they are too familiar with the fact that T1 sometimes fail in the group stage
T1 lost on the first day of the 2020 LCK Summer

T1 entered the 2020 LCK Summer as the champion, but their first opponent was not an easy challenge: DragonX. It is true to the nature of the competition between the two leading Korean teams, both have offered the audience a dramatic battle, but in terms of professional factors, it is a disaster to T1. Because T1 lost in the first match of LCK summer 2020.

The most noticeable highlight in this League of Legends match belongs to two names: Faker and Keria. The DRX Support Player had a fantastic third game, which was the main factor that brought about the mutation and also won the final victory for his team against the champion.

T1 lost on the first day of the 2020 LCK Summer
Keria – young supporter is the main factor that helps DRX destroy T1 in game 3

But for Faker, this will probably be one of his most unforgettable matches. In-game 1, Faker choose Orianna – a champion that is not the main champion of Faker, but also an option that Faker was most confident in, and T1 revealed their intention to continue the control game. – Strengths are helping them unmatched in Korea.

But right into the decisive battle phase, then handling situations of Faker with the ultimate Command: Sound waves continuously “go into the ground”. There are three situations in which T1’s captain used Orianna’s ult to spin into the air and not hit any target on the DRX side.

The performance that can be said to be quite “eyes-hurting” for Faker. Of course, losing is losing, and no one dared to deny that Faker is the master of League of Legends, just because of an error match.

T1 lost on the first day of the 2020 LCK Summer
A situation where Faker’s ult didn’t work, this is when he got outplayed by Chovy with a Stopwatch.

After all, it was not surprising that T1 had a bad start to a summer tournament, T1 lost in their first game. Every Faker and teammate being defeated, we often say that T1 always has a lot of room for improvement if they want to win the LCK again, but in fact, it is proved that their group stage performance is inconsistent to what is the performance in the playoffs stage (if T1 can make it to the playoffs).

T1 lost on the first day of the 2020 LCK Summer

So contrary to common sense, T1 fans accepted this defeat relatively calmly. It is true that today, Faker and some of his teammates performed quite an error and T1 lost, but this is only the first match, and they still have enough time to see the problem and fix it. Even after losing to DragonX, T1 was still the No. 1 candidate for the LCK championship, as usual.

What do you think about T1 lost? Is it acceptable? Leave your comments below.

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