Today we will bring you the Top 4 worst manga adaptations of Hollywood. Famous Japanese comics have made it difficult for the film crew several times, causing them to bring bad works.

worst manga adaptations of Hollywood
Dragon Ball Evolution (2009)

First mentioned in the list of worst manga adaptations of Hollywood is 7 dragon balls, a comic book series associated with the childhood of many generations, and Dragon Ball Evolution is like a slap in the face to the loyal fans. Everything around the Hollywood adaptation version is bad, and this is a branded “milking” product. After more than 10 years, Dragon Ball Evolution has often been called the most disappointing comic book adaptation of all time.

Attack of Titan (2015)

The story of humanity clustered in skyscrapers against Titan is the best-selling manga series of the last decade. Attack on Titan has countless follow-up productions, including two 2015 Japanese movies. However, the adaptation did not convey the original message and brought too many changes to the content and characters which upset the fans. Attack on Titan fans regret what they saw, and hope Americans can do better in the future.

Lupine III (2014)

Due to the brilliant Monkey Punch, the Third Lupine thief is a representative figure of Japanese popular culture through countless comics and cartoons. However, the 2014 live-action film produced a huge disappointment to the public, from characters, content, filming, and context. In particular, the action of Lupine III shows the laziness of the production crew with many tricks to hide the true ability of the cast.

Death Note (2017)

If the Japanese successfully adapted Death Note to the big screen in the 2000s, the Americans made the audience bored. In 2017, Netflix and director Adam Wingard released Death Note. Right before the movie was aired, Nat Wolff’s, casting as Light, was complained by the fans. After that, the Death Note was criticized as less dramatic, did not express the spirit of the original, and proved empty. The rare highlight of the movie is Lakeith Stanfield as L and Willem Dafoe as Ryuk.

You can watch these movies on Netflix or Vudu.

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