The anime role-playing game – Shining Beyond developed by XII Braves is about to enter the testing phase in the Sout East Asia region

Shining Beyond is a strategy role-playing game that is attractive both in graphics and gameplay, it is also known as the sequel to Valiant Force. The context of the game is the kingdom of Arathos, to help friends overcome danger, the protagonist – hero Jake will have to overcome a challenging journey. At the same time, countless demons and monsters began pouring out from the darkness and the warriors would have to find a way to seal it.

Shining Beyond - tactical RPG from XII Braves is about to Launch in SEA

The initial platform of the game gives you is a team of generals, including 4 names based on the first 50 generals list. Gamers will optionally layout that general into the squad. Along with that, a system to upgrade generals to increase strength is also an important point for you to open the chance to win. Compared to Valiant Force, the graphics of this game are significantly better when all are built according to the complete 3D standard, the system of tactics and character designs are completed carefully and more beautiful.

The characters of the game are designed in anime shape. The Graphic is extreme detail so that we hardly recognize this is a mobile game, it is just like a High Graphic Pc Game or a Manga series. Even more, the effect of the skill for each character is so stunning with explosion, fire, magic. the gamers who are a big fan of anime should not miss that game

Shining Beyond - tactical RPG from XII Braves is about to Launch in SEA

Therefore, gamers in Southeast Asia are eagerly awaiting the Closed Beta version of this game. The estimated time of the trial launch is March 25. Shining Beyond also promises to bring immersive experiences that combine the best team tactics for mobile users.

If you want to know more about the game access in the Homepage Here

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