VALORANT is the hottest name with huge attraction in the world on April 7, when this super product officially launched Closed Beta

Yesterday 7/4, Riot’s blockbuster game – VALORANT has officially launched the free Closed Beta, welcoming the worldwide gaming community to join the experience. As expected, Valorant has become the hottest keyword for the Western gaming community.

However, what no one expected was that the attraction of VALORANT was … beyond the control of the game makers themselves. After 24 hours of launch, having to receive a large number of players to access made the game server system overloaded, leading to servers crash.

The huge attraction of VALORANT: Reached millions of views on Twitch
VALORANT was forced to announce a server overload due to an overcrowding of players. Even some of the other Riot games have server congestion due to overloaded operating system

It is known that at the present time, the problem of game login has been improved, but if the player wants to access the game, it is still quite difficult due to the crowded queue.

Besides experience, VALORANT also set a new record for the number of viewers on the Twitch stream. This game has reached 1.4 million views on the first day of release, breaking a series of records of other titles and ranked No. 2 in the leaderboard of the most viewed games at the same time. Score on Twitch – The world’s largest streaming platform. At the top of the list, not a name that is not too strange is League of Legends.

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VALORANT reached a record number of 1.6 million viewers at its peak.

VALORANT’s appeal is also demonstrated through a series of popular streaming channels such as summit1g, DrDisrespect or sneakylol that broadcast the game experience and attract an extremely large audience.

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The list of top streamer on Twitch is completely “dominated” by VALORANT

It can be said that the attractive effect that VALORANT created on the first day of Closed Beta made even Riot employees feel surprised. And it’s undeniable that Valorant has had a successful debut and make a huge attraction around the world, the next problem, perhaps, is how long Riot Games will be able to prolong the appeal of this blockbuster game. You can download the game for free HERE.

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