The next generation of 18+ game Together BnB release trailer. This game is expected to change the way we play 18+ games
The next generation of 18+ game Together BnB release trailer

According to the introduction of Aurora Games, Together BnB is a game with real gameplay, not just the whole scene in bed (so it is available on Steam). As James, you will be working as a valet for three guests, satisfying normal needs such as eating, sleeping, and resting and the important goal is to make them continue to extend the rental agreement at the house. this. Aurora Games hasn’t revealed what those goals are, but at least it tells us that the game will have quite a bit of plot content to explore, and Aurora Games says the game’s storyline will be “complete, interesting.” and very unexpected”.

The next generation of 18+ game Together BnB release trailer

As with the same genre of dating games, interacting with girls is very important – this is the main method for gamers to “upgrade” James’s relationship with the three female guests such as gifts, going to a restaurant for good wine, picnicking,…etc. Aurora Games said that players will be able to choose a lot of conversations when communicating with female characters, and every line of speech is accompanied by realistic body movements and facial expressions created through Motion Capture.

The next generation of 18+ game Together BnB release trailer

But to maintain this lavish lifestyle, James will need money, a lot of money because according to the screenshot of the game, a loaf of bread also costs $ 500 and a piece of pork is $ 2,500. That is not to mention the money to buy gifts for the guest girls to win their sympathy and $ 30,000 is probably just a symbolic figure for fun because that is not much in the game. James is not a rich man, so where is the money? As a reluctant host, James not only does not collect rent but also has to risk his life in the jungle to hunt animals (100% real, not kidding) to serve his expensive dating hobby.

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