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An endless nightmare trapped in The Pit. In a dystopian future with an absence of resources, people can freely to inn The Pit, a vertical underground jail where after an interview to check the possible admission, the volunteer passes a determined time in exchange to get more social position.

The rich and the poor’s hierarchy of society have been reflected so authentically in a Netflix thriller as never before. With what the film has done, The Platform deserves to be one of Netflix’s best horror movies this year.

After 6 months of a successful opening at TIFF, The Platform film directed by Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia has officially launched on Netflix. Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, when most viewers choose to stay at home to self-isolate, the movie, without much ado, became one of the most sought-after titles.

Base on elements of science-fiction thrillers, the film revolves around a group of prisoners held in a special prison, where there are no rooms arranged in rows, but in the form of a vertical underground jail. The floors are numbered from one to hundreds. The room with the smallest number will be on the upper floor while the rooms below will have larger numbers, and the number keeps increasing gradually until the bottom. Hundreds of floors tall, it is a prison in which people are placed on floors two at a time.

Wherein, every day, prisoners will be fed with a table full of food moving from top to bottom, and it’s the only chance for food for the entire day. If people upstairs consume too much food, the downstairs will have nothing to eat. Each floor will contain two prisoners and each month, they will be exchanged randomly. Each inmate arrives The Pit with a personal object from the exterior such as weapons, pets or books.

 the platform

Because of this strange way of feeding food, those in the lower levels who don’t eat after platform arrives empty becoming in demented and starved killers. On the floor of 171, after almost being killed and eaten by his inmate, male lead Goreng tried to find a way to fight against the place with no morality nor humanity, hoping for a way out. But it was this move that he discovered that the prison was more than he imagined.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho the platform netflix

Through the story of survival between death row inmates by scrambling every single piece of food, The Platform brings a critical message of human class distinctions and greed that has led to comparisons to many previous works in which the most prominent name is – a film directed by Bong Joon-ho. However, The Platform is viewed as a darker version than the work from the land of Kimchi, giving viewers an extremely interesting feeling thanks to many twists that turn things upside down.

With a heavy and gloomy atmosphere, director Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia takes the audience into hell without the light of civilization, where the moral view is bent but people still linger on the optimistic thoughts. The film’s pace is quite fast when pushing the audience up and down continuously through the floors of the prison, forcing us to witness a lot of horrifying scenes.

The film also requires viewers to have a healthy stomach, because as going down to the lower levels, the term ‘food’ that we know no longer stay true to its meaning. The Platform has a gloomy but moving scene at an intense speed that makes viewers constantly glued to the screen, wincing in anticipation of what will happen.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the hellish world that The Platform brought was certainly not a place that audiences want to visit but it was entirely possible to find things worth contemplating in life. Owing to the pandemic, we realize that the sin of selfish, lust, and greed are an eternal existence.

The Platform is a profound metaphor of the lofty terrorism of capitalism. While wealthy individuals immerse themselves in their blissful time on the top, there’s a “dog-eat-dog society” at the bottom. The message of the philosophy of life that this horror work brings is extremely strong but does not make viewers feel too heavy to receive.

The film is currently playing on Netflix.

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