Although it is not a strange game for many players, “Age Of Z” continues to attract new players with a very unique spice that until now there are not many competitors

Drawing a post-apocalyptic world, Age Of Z throws players a ruined city with everything is poor. The main mission is to revive mankind from the ash. The job is not easy when the player has to manage resources while building an army, recapturing lands occupied by zombies, but also against other players and the sweeping waves of the bloodthirst mutants

The gameplay has a colorful combination

Age Of Z is a strategy, construction management game optimized for manipulation on vertical screens. Age Of Z has a lot more than that with the gameplay adding some “borrowed” game modes of some other very successful game series. The daily work of the player is like any other generic game with a simple formula. Gather resources – build houses – train army – capture lands to develop bases. However, with just a bit of added Tower Defense quality from the Defense Zone and a bit of classic FPS from the legendary d, Age Of Z has been holding players a lot longer.

Thanks to such gameplay, the experience of Age Of Z is like driving a canoe, the rhythm of the game is slow and gentle with the bases building, soldiers training, resource management, … But when the player is forced to confront a crowd of bloodthirsty zombies with only one defensive machine gun, everything becomes dramatic and exciting.

Adding roleplaying elements but not yet “complete”

The reason Why The "Age of Z" is so attractive to Mobile Gamers community

Age Of Z also adds some role-playing elements when the player himself will have a “skill tree” with the generals in the game. If each general plays a certain role and ability on the battlefield, the player’s skill tree plays a role of consolidating and improving the management and operational indicators of the entire base to a higher level.

Although the game has tried to put some options in the game, the necessity to have a full index of the previous skills to be upgraded to the next skills invisibly reduces the tactical customization in military construction thinking and player development.

The presence of generals in the battlefield is also quite faint when in fact each commander only plays a role of strengthening certain capabilities for the soldiers, not directly affecting each battle. Although it is more realistic, I hope that general can contribute more than that

Graphics, sound are okay

The reason Why The "Age of Z" is so attractive to Mobile Gamers community

In terms of graphics, it’s clear that the Age Of Z is not as beautiful as many recent games but it is enough for a tactical game experience. The tones in the game are a bit dark, depicting a post-apocalyptic world in a standard way.

Sounds like graphics, they are not excellent but not bad. In any battle scene, Age Of Z can portray the atmosphere of the battlefield with the echoes of machine guns or explosions caused by heavy weapons but the sound is not as good as some action game that we’d played.

Definitely should not ignore Age Of Z

With advantages such as creative gameplay, decent sound graphics and a large community, Age Of Z definitely an interesting game that gamers have to try once, maybe you will be stuck in the Age of Z for a while.

Download for IOS operating system HERE
Download for Android operating system HERE

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