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While moving into a secluded mansion, a young loving couple, Kate and Matt discovers a strange secret room, whose interior holds the power to make everything they want a reality. Millions of dollars, the original of Van Gogh and the most luxurious outfits - whatever they want, instantly materializes.

What if you could have everything in the world, able to create material possessions and even control life and death in The Room? As they say, “be careful with what you wish for”.

The opening of the film is the scene of Kate (Olga Kurylenko) and Matt (Kevin Janssens), a happy and very much-in-love couple, moving to an old suburban house so that Matt can unleash creativity with his brushes and take care of his wife. The first footages were light and dreamy in the sunny, windy suburbs, and filled the touches of laughter of the young couple. It was thought that the idea of ​​a change from hustling New York City to the quiet New Hampshire was the right decision. They didn’t seem to be wealthy, but they had each other. In the calm, before the storm hit, suddenly they discovered a mysterious room, a disaster waiting to happen.

The Room (2019)
Greed is one of the seven human sins

“Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed.”

Mahatma Gandhi

The key to the film is the struggle and contradiction in human greed. Struggling with greed – the “evil” that always subconsciously dominates one’s thinking, The Room sends the message that no mysterious force is as terrifying as human greed. We always want to have more but never accepted to lose, but life inherently always follows its own compensation theorem and a trade-off is inevitable. Only the cost of personal desires is so much decided by each person.

The Room

The Room provides everything in the world. Unlike the magic lamp only gives the owner three wishes, with The Room, as long as you remain in the old house, all wishes will come true. Kate and Matt had a happier and more luxurious life than any king in the world. They bathed in money, had breakfast with delicious food, dunk in silk sheets with real lace and depravity parties. But their happiness didn’t last very long because of the greed of humans growing up, and the material was not enough to satisfy Kate anymore as what she needed was a child, after she and her husband tried many times but could not.

What Matt always feared happened: what to do when The Room created a living creature. A living creature with intelligence, emotions, thinking, but not from the flesh and blood that humans make but from an unusual room?

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What the film emphasizes here is what easy comes will easy to go. All wishes come true as long as Kate and her husband stay in the house. They could not bring a billion dollars out to spend, nor they could wear beautiful clothes to show off to anyone. Once they took them out, everything would turn to ashes in time. Kate and Matt were imprisoned in a golden cage with their greed. The couple became inmates, unable to escape the “paradise”.

A lesson for parents

In addition to criticizing human greed, the movie also cleverly incorporates humanistic messages about parenting. Once you bring a child to this world, you have to take responsibility. Screams and insults from adults when they are angry will be swords stabbed into the heart of children. No matter how regretful you are, those scars won’t be able to be erased.

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Some viewers may feel sorry for Shane, the son of Kate and Matt. He was like any child when he came to this world, like a blank sheet of paper. Shane truly loved his parents and obeyed them. The tragedy only started when the doubts and discrimination in Matt’s heart kept rising, pushing the whole family into a tragedy without a way out. Some people will feel that, if Shane was born in a more rational family, things would be different.

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Elements of horror

In general, The Room of director Christian Volckman has all the elements that make a dramatic and impressive horror film. Christian Volckman breathes a tremendous amount of life into an old idea and delivers a smart, disturbing take on fulfillment and family.

The Room 2019

Psychological factors that were cleverly adjusted in the plot make viewers thrilled and lure them into the story. The Room does not make use of jumpscare and gruesome gore scenes. The film takes place slowly and only climaxes in the last 20 minutes. What makes the audience curious and afraid is what the next step of The Room is and what it will create from the endless greed and imagination of humans. The Room was initially a treasure to bring joy to the couple, but gradually, the wishes became counterproductive and brought about horrors.

Комната желаний (2019) – Фильм

On the visual side, the main color scheme of the film is deeply sad blue. Even in the first footages, the happy scenes of the couple are also in a light blue, as shown underneath the cover of happiness is the buried pain of the couple, the fact that they cannot have children. The angles in the film are quite good, creating a visual look and somewhat artistic for the film.

What is remarkable about the sound of the film is the sound of the flickering light whenever the wish comes true, which also makes a twist at the end of the movie.

Minus point

The Room has a good story, but unfortunately, the story wanders when the baby appears. A lot of redundant details make the film stretched. The Room itself is the most mysterious but unresolved. The relationship between the child after growing up with Kate was used to create horror, but in reality, proved ineffective. The series of details only stopped at the level that made the audience startled, panicked, but not enough to cause obsession.

 'The room' 2019 (

If The Room focuses on the horror element and opens up more mysteries around The Room, the film will definitely become more attractive. The work just stopped at an interesting idea, somewhat new, but not enough weight to create a lasting obsession.

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