Besides the modern, beautiful city, there are some scariest places in GTA 5 that you should explore once when you play this game

The Rockstar Games Grand Theft Auto game series offers a huge open world with loads of details for players to explore. And it’s not surprising that many of these places are scary, with many scary scenes ready to make gamers scared. So now let’s explore some scariest places in GTA 5

The abandoned mine – GTA 5

The scariest places in GTA 5 that you should explore

Hidden behind in the Great Chaparral area is an unknown mine. If you want to investigate, you can only use explosives to blow up the entrance and step inside. Tracing the creepy dark tunnel, you will eventually find a corpse and a film about a cartoon producer who was killed to hide a dark secret.

As if it were not enough to scare the gamer, if you try walking closer to this corpse, there are strange haunting noises come from the body. Is this the plaintive cry of an inexplicable soul? Discover for yourself this scariest places in GTA 5.

Underground sewer – GTA 5

The scariest places in GTA 5 that you should explore

Located in downtown Los Santos, the Underground Sewers may seem normal at first glance. However, some players when coming here have said that they heard strange and scary laughter, accompanied by rushing breathing and mysterious shadows. Many gamers think that this is a trace of Ratman, a famous GTA legend, but no one has found the whereabouts of this character, it’s all just a guess.

Mount Gordo – GTA 5

The scariest places in GTA 5 that you should explore

This is a famous place in GTA, with ghosts Jolene Cranley-Evan hovering in the dark to “scare” the coward. If you dare come here, you will see Jolene standing on a large rock, calling her husband’s name (most likely killed her). On the rock was an inscription written in blood.

Abandoned hospital – GTA 4

The scariest places in GTA 5 that you should explore

Colony Island Hospital, also known as the Abandoned Hospital in GTA 4. Whether you like it or not, you’ll have to come here to do the mission “The Snow Storm.” It was a desolate building that no one wanted to set foot in, with homeless people wandering around.

Many gamers said that when penetrating inside they saw the ghost of a girl coming out to scare them with haunting laughter, and strange black shadows appeared. It is hard to say how scary these events happened in this ruined hospital. This location is reminiscent of the famous movie Shutter Island by the movie actor Leonardo Dicaprio.

These are all the scariest places in GTA 5. How do you feel about the scariest places in GTA 5? Would you like to go there once in your game? Leave your comments below.

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