Nowadays WIFI is the most useful way that essential for us to connect to the network, and you can make your WIFI faster at home

During the period of social quarantine to prevent the COVID-19 pandemic, the most popular source of study, entertainment and work was the Internet. From watching movies, listening to music, live streaming, playing games or meeting, working, studying online … all is done via the network connection. Besides traditional wired and 4G network connection, wi-fi is one of the indispensable essentials during this time.

But the Disadvantage of WIFI is stability because it connects to network wireless. To create stability and speed up the use of Wi-fi networks, Ofcom- UK’s Internet Regulatory Authority recently gave some useful tips so you can make your WIFI faster at home. The agency points out that microwaves are one of the major “rivals” for WIFI.

To make your WIFI faster at home -turn off this device right away

“You know, the microwave will reduce the WIFI signal. Therefore, if you are using the Internet for video calls, watching movies or working, then turn off the microwave immediately.” So if you want your connection is stable and strong, try not to use the microwave when using the internet as surfing, playing the game, studying online,…etc.

Some other tips that you can make your WIFI connection more stable and strong:

To make your WIFI faster at home -turn off this device right away
  • Do not place the router near potentially interference devices such as sound systems, computer speakers, projectors, halogen lamps, etc.
  • Limiting the bandwidth-consuming purposes during peak hours such as downloading movies, downloading games, video calls for too long.
  • With laptops, it is preferable to use the normal wired network. Use WiIFI only when absolutely necessary
  • Avoid using WIFI extension devices
  • Mobile devices usually operate in the mode and connect to the wifi so even when you are not using it. Therefore, disconnect the WIFI in mobile phones so as you do not need.
  • Limit the bandwidth of other users when using the WIFI
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