Creative is an important thing that needs to produce a game. Do you think that weird ideas can create a great game? Let’s come to Top 10 weird ideas but can produce great games
Top 10 weird ideas but can produce great games
Top 10 weird ideas but can produce great games

The publishers are more careful with the money they invest, especially in the new creative game ideas. But fortunately, there are many good examples showing that this investment is quite profitable. It may not have been very prominent at first, but gradually it gained public recognition and gained praise. Here is a list of Top 10 weird ideas but can produce great games.

Turn the main character into a supporting character – Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle

Top 10 weird ideas but can produce great games

Ubisoft’s Rabbids was not well received by the gaming community, and it should not have existed. However, Nintendo has invested in Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle and they were successful. This game is more like a kid-friendly version of XCOM, with the rabbits transformed into characters in the game instead of the alien monsters as in XCOM. When playing the main character in a separate game, the Rabbids cannot shine in their game, but when it is made as a supporting character behind Mario and friends, they become much cuter and lovable.

In terms of gameplay, it is similar to other turn-based strategy games so gamers will feel familiar and easy to get used to. In terms of spin-off games in the legendary Mario series, this is a new wind suitable for the majority of players. Or for XCOM fans, this is a softer, easier version; and Rabbids fans are probably happy because more people know Rabbids now.

Bicycle games are easy to play but “master” is extremely difficult – Lonely Mountains: Downhill

Top 10 weird ideas but can produce great games

While 2D racing games like Trials, Pumped BMX and Urban Trial Tricky are being famous in the gaming community, Lonely Mountains: Downhill is like a black sheep with the graphics is nothing stand out, the physical simulation system in the game is not visible, the soundtrack is not a bit called inspirational. But in return, its gameplay is easy to get used to, but extremely difficult to control proficiency that other games do not.

You can play Lonely Mountains: Downhill for fun. Or play more try hardstyle, try to complete all the tracks in the shortest time possible. This game is quite weird, it seems to be easy to play but it is really difficult when you control your character. Each race has many turns, each bend has a shortcut for you to shorten a few seconds. Once you have begun pedaling, it will be difficult to get off.

Farmers – Stardew Valley

Top 10 weird ideas but can produce great games

Instead of letting gamers manage the big city and huge civilization, Stardew Valley lets gamers become … farmer, waking up at dawn to care for animals and trees. Inspired by the classic Harvest Moon game, Stardew Valley has learned and made it better by having friends join in farming for fun. It allows you and three friends to manage the farm together, forming collective solidarity that few games can do.

This is both an indie game and a niche, so many people thought that it will be dead, but turn out, it became one of the best-selling games with the sales of 10 million copies sold in 2020. Of course, it cannot be compared to farming simulation games, but this is still a fun game for you to relax at the weekend.

Farming simulation game version – Farming Simulator

Top 10 weird ideas but can produce great games

In contrast to Stardew Valley, Farming Simulator is a true farming simulation game. This series has lasted nearly 12 years and it has sold a total of 25 million copies. The reason it sold so much was that the game was very relaxing not as stressful as the League of Legends or toxic like DOTA, the problem is that buying equipment to the farm is a bit … expensive. Not only does it relax, but you also reap the fruits after days of sweat, literally. You can then take the things you harvest to sell, get money to buy new equipment to expand the scale.

Of course, not everyone likes this game, but the feeling of being a farmer to take care of the field is very relaxing. It is slow, but still very attractive, especially for those who are looking to temporarily away from the hustle and bustle of the city. When you buy a new tractor, you know you have been caught up in the game.

Walking simulation with an insightful plot – Oxenfree

Top 10 weird ideas but can produce great games

The walking simulation genre is boring when you first hear it, it’s hard to convince gamers to buy this game to experience. But gradually the gaming community became interested in this genre more and more, thereby producing many good “walking simulator” games like Oxenfree. Considering this game alone, it is not merely a walking simulation game but it has a very interesting storyline. With a little new spice for the sci-fi genre, Oxenfree has created a fascinating story on every step. It is difficult to describe this game without spoiling the content of the game, but you just imagine as a monumental movie with an extremely simple trailer, provoking your curiosity, forced you to stand up and go to the cinema to watch it, and then burst in emotion because I just saw a very interesting movie.

Borrow ideas from many “senior” – Huntdown

Top 10 weird ideas but can produce great games

Games inspired by “senior” usually have some details taken back from that “senior”, or will try to cram everything that “seniors” have in the game to the new game. If you look at it, you can think of it immediately. Huntdown alone is different. The gameplay is not new, but it is true to the saying: “If it’s not broken then don’t fix it”. The game is similar to the 90s scene games with a lot of elements taken from the games that came before it, including the soundtrack.

This game should not have succeeded. Nostalgic retro games often come and go quite quickly, but Huntdown is coming but still in the minds of gamers. When experiencing Huntdown, you will feel the enthusiasm that the developer has poured in here: the game has a running and shooting mechanism similar to Hotline Miami, combined with the elements of violence is really great.

Walking simulation with magnificent scenery – Death Stranding

Top 10 weird ideas but can produce great games

There are many mixed opinions about this game, but it’s undeniable that Death Stranding is a game designed extremely meticulously and meticulously. And the result of that investment is an extremely unique and novel game. Besides the plot, the world in the game has a lot to explore. The game balances the walking simulation elements in a beautiful setting with action elements when fighting BT. Hideo Kojima has chosen a different direction from the Metal Gear series, instead of a softer game with a more open approach, and this will make gamers extremely surprised.

Although the plot is a bit difficult to understand, moving between the vast lands with magnificent scenery is one thing that you should experience when trying to find a new game to change the wind.

Deep geometric blocks – Thomas Was Alone

Top 10 weird ideas but can produce great games

The idea of ​​this game is very strange: The RPG game with a 4-sided geometric block as the main character. More specifically, the characters you control in the game are all square or rectangular. With the idea of ​​nothing going on like this, this is a very headache for publishers. But when you enter the game, you will see the great things of the title Thomas Was Alone.

You are not a normal box, but you are part of an AI program, experimenting with self-awareness. At first glance, this is no different from a common RPG game, but this game shines thanks to the care that the developer has for the world and how to tell the story in the game. So when you play, remember to pay attention to the details in the game.

Being a truck driver – SnowRunner

Top 10 weird ideas but can produce great games

Inspired by Spintires and MudRunner, SnowRunner has expanded it to include more interesting elements. Like Farming Simulator, you will feel the satisfaction when completing the tasks in the game. These tasks are very tedious on paper, such as bringing gasoline to a muddy truck, transporting a rig from place to place. Reading is enough to feel sleepy, but by the time you carry out that task, you will understand why it is so interesting.

Just like accumulating to buy a new tractor, in this game you will find the joy of taking the money you earn to buy a stronger truck, making life and work easier. Gradually, your work will be expanded, not only to save the trapped trucks but also to re-establish your trade and community network. Doing alone is not a lot of work, each time you drag along the whole fleet of cars, how cool it is.

A game about … doing paper works, Please

Top 10 weird ideas but can produce great games

This is a game that allows you to do the paperwork, exactly as an immigration manager. Listening to it is enough to be crazy because we’ve already done the paperwork in real life and it is really boring. In theory, it was crazy: sitting in your room all day, stamping passports, and accept or refused to immigrate.

But then I realized that I had made a big mistake. The game is heavily invested by Lucas Pope, requiring you to fight very psychologically fierce when making a decision to allow someone to immigrate. At first, everything was still easy, but gradually, each of your decisions had a certain weight, it became more and more “heavy”. Is the person facing you telling the truth or not? Are they refugees or not? Are they then anti-government, want to bomb the embassy or not? If you refuse, sometimes you don’t want to because you will feel pity for them, but if you agree to allow immigration a lot of trouble will occur if you choose wrong.

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