Ubisoft just launched a free event for this month. Let’s take a look at those excellent titles waiting for you to explore in this top list.

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon breakpoint
Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon breakpoint

The previous version of Wildlands was built with a loose storyline. This predecessor brought a job loop in an attempt to have more information to find and handle the enemies. But with Breakpoint, the manufacturer offers a story mode, missions for various parties at Aurora, side missions and events such as massive raids. This gives players a lot of choices as well as a welcome boost compared to what Wildlands has not done.

The game is a hardcore “tactical” shooter for the big fan of the art of these deadly machines, so those mesmerizing details are expected such as Barrett M82, USP45, or MP5.

Child of Light
Child of light

If you are looking for a gentle game to play while you’re stuck at home due to the pandemic, and the title needs to be emotional and deeply experienced, give a try to Child of Light. Have you ever wanted to immerse in a mood of melancholy, embrace your loneliness alone and not meet anyone? Those are the key emotions for Ubisoft game makers to create Child of Light.

There is a melancholy somewhere, either hovering or covering the entire game space from the first moment to the end of the journey with young Aurora. Every single note of piano music throughout the game is the primary sad note for Child of Light. The sound addicts may see the enjoyment of the notes imbued with the main idea of ​​the game maker is considered as a kind of seductive force.

Might & Magic Chess Royale
Might & Magic: Chess Royale - ...

Might & Magic: Chess Royale is a combination of the two hottest genres in recent times, Auto Chess and Battle Royale. Join the game and you will get diverse heroes in your hands with a unique set of skills and ethnic effects taken from the famous Might and Magic universe of Ubisoft.

Magic: Chess Royale allows you to battle with 99 other players, rather than the standard 7 players akin to normal dignity chess games. It should also be emphasized that this is an easy to understand Auto Chess game where you can end a game in minutes instead of hours. Because there is no complicated blood calculation mechanism like other Auto Chess games, there will be no money-saving strategy or losing streaks, but instead, you need to fight for your life through each game. Do everything from champion rerolls to buffs to win against every opponent.

Rabbids Coding
Rabbids Coding ALL 3-Stars Solutions - Complete Guide

The game is set in a spaceship invaded by the rabbits which makes everything extremely chaotic. The player’s task is to throw them out by dragging them into the time-traveling washing machines. To do this, all the players need to give the commands to the robots and the Rabbids that are being manipulated, then move them through puzzles to clear the mess they create and get rid of them.

It appears that programming is simple enough with throws – drops and modifying existing commands, then proceeds, quite similar to the Human Resources Machine and a few other puzzle programming games. The game has about 32 levels and is an open game mode, with increasing complexities. The more obstacles increase, the more the commands change. It is, still, a basic play that teaches children the basic logic of coding.

You can download these games here.

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