Looking for a list of the best games like Among Us? Let’s take an eye on the list below.

There’s nothing that brings a group of buddies together like trying to figure out which of you is secretly trying to brutally murder everyone else. Social deduction games – or traitor games, imposter games, please-don’t-take-this-stabbing-personally games – however you choose to describe them, they’re all about throwing a hidden baddie into a group of people, and watching the social carnage play out as everyone becomes suspicious of one another.

Among Us is a fairly simple game that allows ten players to find out a liar, the liar will have the task of taking down all others in the group. If you have loved Among Us and are looking for more games of similar nature, check out the top games below!

1. Town of Salem – The Coven

This is a pretty old game, but it can still prove to be as fun as other games similar to Among Us. In Town of Salem, seven to fifteen players may serve different roles. The Town Members and the Mafia are the good and bad guys, respectively. Other players may also be assigned a solo role such as a Jester, with no affiliation with either team. The Town Members need to gather evidence, trust the right people, and determine the Mafia members. Failing to do so means the Mafia will kill them all.

Top 7 Games Similar to Among Us - gamologi.com

2. Werewolf Online

Some people would say that Werewolf popularized the social deduction and hidden-identity genre. There’s truth in that statement, and what’s great is that you can now play this classic mystery game online. In this game, you either defend your village or hunt your friends as a werewolf.

Werewolf Online is certainly one of the best Among Us alternatives for Android and iOS. It’s a must-try especially if you’re a fan of the board game. This is an excellent choice for your game night with friends, or you can join ranked games if you want more serious competition.

Top 7 Games Similar to Among Us - gamologi.com

3. Enemy on Board

Enemy on Board is a game that closely resembles Among Us. It involves six players who serve as crew members on a spaceship. The catch is that two of them are actually aliens. One side wins upon successfully killing all members of the other group. While that sounds easy, several things can happen that would keep you guessing. And the aliens need to be near people to activate their special abilities, increase the risk of getting caught.

Top 7 Games Similar to Among Us - gamologi.com

4. Unfortunate Spacemen

Unfortunate Spacemen will put your social deception skills to the test. You start off as an employee of The Company who awaits rescue. Random objectives need to be completed with your fellow astronauts to facilitate the rescue. But things get complicated when somebody turns out to be an alien, hellbent on preventing all spacemen from being saved.

What’s great is that Unfortunate Spacemen offers variety in gameplay. You can play with up to sixteen players in the main mode, which boasts a total of 15 maps. There’s also a 5-player story mode as well as a 10-player survival mode if you want to mix things up.

Top 7 Games Similar to Among Us - gamologi.com

5. Who Is The Killer? Episode I

In this game, you will be trapped in a castle with 7 characters, and one of them is a bad guy always trying to defeat others. Sounds like the story in “And Then There Were None” by Agatha Christie? Well, there’s a familiarity!

This game also has a more serious tone, Among Us, but like the name, you will have to find a bad guy, just like you did in Among Us. This game has a 4.3 star rating on the Google Play Store, so you can play it!

Top 7 Games Similar to Among Us - gamologi.com

6. Deceit

If you want a game like Among Us that’s absolutely terrifying, then Deceit should rank on top of your list. The graphics alone make for a horrifying experience. Combine this with the constant pressure of trying to figure out who to trust and distrust. As you try to survive a night in creepy locations, you must determine who the two monsters are in your group before they kill each one of you. Any alliance is built on shaky foundation, and you have no choice but to turn on your friends.

Top 7 Games Similar to Among Us - gamologi.com

7. Secret Neighbor

Secrete Neighbor shares many similarities with Among Us, although the feel of the game might be quite different. As soon as you spawn into a map with six other players, you will feel the dark and moody atmosphere. The premise follows the same pattern: You enter a spooky to rescue a kid. But the neighbor disguises himself as part of your group.

Honestly, though, the execution of the game can be improved a lot. There’s virtually zero randomization involved, which means you can memorize the map and figure your way around the house with ease. Also note that this game enables your mic by default, which could be an issue for some players.

Top 7 Games Similar to Among Us - gamologi.com

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