Today we’d like to present to you the list of the hottest female characters in video games. Be prepared for the hottest scenes and the beauty of our beloved girls.

From the badass Ada Wong of the series Resident Evil to hot bae Quiet of Mega Gear Solid V, each girl in this list has different beauty and is attractive in their own ways.


Aerith (Final Fantasy)
Top 7 hottest female characters in video games

English voice actor: Briana White, Mena Suvari
Game’s year of release: 1997
Company: Square Enix

Aerith has the image of a woman with traditional beauty. This character impresses players by her pure beauty even though deep down she is a resilient girl. Aerith is the only pure flower and the sunshine that Cloud has stumbled upon in the world of steel and smog Sector 1. Right from the first sight, she is like a small light flashing in the night dark, making Cloud unforgettable from the first meeting.


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Ada Wong (Resident Evil)
Top 7 hottest female characters in video games.

English voice actor: Sally Cahill, Courtenay Taylor
Game’s year of release: 1998–2012
Company: Capcom

Another name in our top hottest female characters in the video games is Ada Wong. She is the perfect character of the Resident Evil series, with the red costume, many critics said that according to the Chinese conception, red is the color of happiness and success. Therefore, Capcom decided to make the character Ada Wong with Bright Red Costumes in hopes of bringing success to the series. Ada Wong is an intelligent character and has a logical way of thinking. She always devises her plans carefully and never fells into awkward situations. 


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Yennefer of Vengerberg (The Witcher III: Wild Hunt)
Top 7 hottest female characters in video games

English voice actor: Denise Gough
Game’s year of release: 2015
Company: CD Projekt

Yennefer of Vengerberg was the youngest member of the Council of Sorcerers and then the Lodge of Sorceresses tried to recruit her. She is the lover of Geralt of Rivia and is considered by Ciri to be her mother. Vengerberg’s woman is famous for her beauty, though during the Tower of the Swallow events she was 94 years old. She always wears black and white clothes, using the fragrance of lilac and hemp. She has striking purple eyes and raven hair. She is a quadroon (meaning she has ¼ of elven blood).


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Citra Talugmai (Far Cry 3)
Top 7 hottest female characters in video games

English voice actor: Faye Kingslee
Game’s year of release: 2012
Company: Ubisoft

Citra Talugmai is the spiritual leader of the Rakyat tribe on the Rook Islands, which she considers to be the goddess of the tribe. This is also a character that you can hardly distinguish that she can be trusted or not. She is also said to have feelings for Jason, the protagonist of the game.

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Lara Croft (Tomb Raider)
lara-croft-tomb-raider-2013-hd-game-wallpaper | Chaithra Bharadwaj ...

English voice actor (Shadow of the Tomb Raider): Camilla Luddington
Game’s year of release: 1996–2018
Company: Square Enix

Lara Croft is one of the most popular heroines of all time in the gaming world. And Tomb Raider is also one of the best-selling game series, with 58 million copies worldwide. We have nothing to talk about the beauty of Lara Croft. The delicate face, tall figure, and above all, her body can melt any gamer.

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Quiet (Metal Gear Solid 5)
Gamology on Twitter: "#MetalGearSolidV let's you play as #Quiet ...

English voice actor: Stefanie Joosten
Game’s year of release: 2015
Company: Konami

Quiet was a female assassin during the 1980s, known to the Soviet forces as Tixij. She sucked out the players’ soul by her minimal amount of clothing at all times due to she can drink or breathe through her skin after parasite-treatment.

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Tifa (Final Fantasy)
Its Easy to Understand Tifa and Her Motives in Final Fantasy 7 Remake

English voice actor: Rachael Leigh Cook
Game’s year of release: 1997
Company: Square Enix

Tifa Lockhart is Cloud’s best friend when she spent her childhood with him in his homeland before Cloud joined SOLDIER. She is also a member of AVALANCHE and is responsible for persuading Cloud to join Barret’s group after leaving the old organization.


Tifa has the beauty of a modern woman. Not only is she sexy, but she is also very strong and reliable, even in the most dangerous situations. The image of Tifa is also designed by Square Enix in a modern way such as long hair tied with a fishtail, white sports clothes, black shorts, and brown boots which create the signature vibe for this belle.

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