The seventh art is a fertile common ground for the most creative minds, so it is not surprising that unimaginable money heist movies also often appear recklessly and skillfully on screen from time to time. Indeed, the feeling of watching the illegal deals made by the super thieves with sophisticated action style is sometimes even more attractive than the typical fights with the masters.

In the context of Money Heist storming on Netflix worldwide, let’s join us with the list of the most impressive heist movie.

Public Enemies – National Enemies
Top impressive heist movies on the silver screen

The movie Public Enemies is set in the era of the economic crisis in the period of 1929 -1933 in the US. The story revolves around a battle of wits between one of the first FBI agents Melvin Purvis and the notorious criminal named John Dillinger. He is an infamous bank robber who always uses the media and girls to become famous. Along with his fellow Pretty Boy Floyd, they are the duo who caused the terrible wave of crime in the Midwest. U.S. Public Enemies is based on the novel of the same name by writer B. Burrough. Public Enemies praised and brought out a different story about the FBI along with myths about the crazy people living outside the law, making them an interesting story for viewers.

The Bank Job (2008)
Top impressive heist movies on the silver screen

In The Bank Job, Terry is a small car merchant trying to give up his sinful past to start a new life with a happy family again. Although he never committed a crime that was too great, he wasn’t hell-bent on a path to redemption as well. Meanwhile, Martine, Terry’s former neighbor, suggested that he should be involved in a bank robbery. Realizing that this is an extremely dangerous mission to life but Terry knows it can also bring opportunities to change lives. The plan was meticulously detailed and the thief found the safes filled with gold coins in Lloyds Bank in Marylebone, London. But they didn’t know those safe drawers contained terrible secrets related to underworld criminals, key figures in government, and even the British Royal Family.

The Italian Job (2003)
Top impressive heist movies on the silver screen

Yet again the name Jason Statham appears on our list of heist movies. The Italian Job revolves around a gang of robbers in Italy including John, Charlie Croker, Napster, Steve, Rob, and Left Ear. Together they planned to rob a safe deposit box containing gold worth $35 million stored in Venice. However, when the mission was successful, Steve (Edward Norton) immediately betrayed the group to keep the gold for himself and promptly fled. A year later, when he learned that Steve appeared with a new identity, Charlie (Mark Wahlberg) immediately gathered his former members to take revenge on the traitor and “strip off” the gold he was holding.

With a story involving revenge and betrayal, “The Italian Job” does not simply bring about a mere gold heist. Instead, the film focuses on exploiting the relationships of each character, creating an attractive dramatic situation that keeps the audience glued to the screen.

Ocean’s Eleven (2001)
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Ocean’s 11 (2001) was originally a remake of Ocean’s 11 (1960). However, the film was successful in breaking the curse of “the film remake damaging the original” with its “wonderfully unified and consistent” script and the participation of A-list actors such as George Clooney, Julia Roberts, Matt. Damon and Brad Pitt.


In the movie, Danny Ocean (George Clooney) and his gang conducted a daring heist at three of the biggest casinos in Las Vegas. Said as thieves, but the Ocean’s guild has very clear rules: no killing. The casino robbery incident became even more attractive when all of them had less than 24 hours to act. Although many years have passed, Ocean’s 11 is still considered to be the most exemplary work of the thief genre with delicate, meticulous and dramatic action to the heart.

Inception – Thieves of dreams (2010)
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It can be said that Inception is one of the greatest ambitions of the famous director Christopher Nolan. The film is an almost perfect synthesis between immense imagination and logical reasoning, between the maze of space-time and the small human mind or, more simply, between reality and dreams.


In the fictional world of Inception, there is a super thief group led by Dom Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio). They are superior because they are not simply stealing existing objects, they enter the minds of others to steal ideas. They are the most talented group of thieves, their tools are not guns or key breakers, but dreams.

Although nearly 10 years have passed since the official release, viewers are still arguing a lot about the halfway point of Inception. It may take another 10 years or so many more years for viewers to be able to see a heist movie again that reaches the threshold of intelligence and the utmost complexity as Inception did.

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