TRUE LOVE: Kwentσ Ng Lalaking May Karamdaman Sa Kanyang Kaanyυaan, Na Nakahanaρ Ng Tunay Na Pag-Ibig


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He is suffering from physical condition that deformed his face and stopped his body to develop normally.

And since no reports and articles are present about Zingzong, the man’s health situation is still yet to be diagnosed

Zingzong rose to publicity through his friend, Motic Panugalinog, who is a professional skateboarder that already represented our country multiple times on international competitions.

Motic used to showcase Zingzong’s skills on his Instagram account, making his fans interested on him as well.

And just like Motic, Zingzong’s social media account is also filled with his clip trying out new stunts and showing off his skateboarding skills!

We also discovered the despite of his young age, the man seem to have settled with his own family.

On one of his Instagram post, he shares a photo of him with a woman holding a baby, with a caption that says, “Family Picture.”

Netizens are also amazed that the woman never judged Zingzong for his physical appearance.

As a matter of fact, his girlfriend is very supportive of his hobby as well.

It seems like Zingzong is slowly rising to fame as fans are starting to notice his potential as a skateboarder and his interesting story about his life.

Many are rooting for the man’s success and is hoping that one day, Zingzong will finally get the recognition he deserves to achieve.

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Ina sa Southern Leyte, ginaωan ng sariling kυℓυngan dahil sa sakit nito sa ρag-iisip, anak walang sawang sinasamahan ang ina para alagaan at mayakaρ!

A mother is the one who supposed to be taking care of their children. They are the one we could count with for everything.

But what it would be like if our mother is the one who needs our care and love?

This story of a mother in Southern Leyte has a very special case scenario in real life. Sadly, she has a mental health problem that she needed to be locked in.

On the other hand, this special mother is very lucky to have her daughter Ara who takes care of her.

In a now viral video that was featured in the official page of Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho, it shows that the mother is inside a what seems to be ‘mini jail’ inside their home.

The family need to put their mother inside so she can be safe from any harm. Her daughter Ara assisted her to have a bath as well as oral hygiene.

In the said video, Ara is taking care of her mom with all of her love and patience. Her mom is also following her on what she needs to do. After taking a bath, the loving daughter also had her mom’s hair ponytail.

Even though that she has a mental problem, a mother will always know in her heart that she loves her children. In this case, the mom knows her heart is connected with Ara.

They even hugged at the end of the video that made many to even cry more. What a pure love to see in this world full of negativities.

You are so strong and doing great, Ara!