Recently, VALORANT‘s ninth agent Breach has been revealed. And it’s sure that VALORANT fans eager to learn more about the red-haired, robotic-armed agent are in luck.


Just recently, a streamer has revealed a new agent with a wide and unique skillset inVALORANT ‘s FPS environment before the upcoming Closed Beta launch of the game.

Recently, a streamer of the 100 Thieves team, nicknamed Classify, had the opportunity to test all spies in VALORANT . In addition, he also tested a new agent with a set of the earthquake-themed abilities called Breach.

VALORANT’s ninth agent Breach revealed

First, Breach possesses a skill called Aftershock. This skill can only be activated when firing at a wall. The blast will deal massive damage to targets standing near that area. This tactic will surprise the opponent you guessed they are hiding there.

Next is the Flashpoint skill that detonates the other side of the wall and blinds those who look at this location. The Classify Streamer explained that this skill will be ideal for Search and Destroy mode as the player can make the opponent blind when defending the position.

The other two attacks of Breach have the ability to deal with quite strong seismic damage to control the position and deal great damage to the grouped-up enemies. The Fault Line ability will create a straight earthquake that will cause all players in the area to be ‘dizzy’.

A final move, called Rolling Thunder, will shoot a cone earthquake and cause people to be stunned and tossed over in the affected area.

After testing Breach, many players thought that this was a very strong spy in the team fight phase. So teammates can be more secure in map control situations. As planned, VALORANT will officially launch the closed beta on 7/4 and we will have a better view of Valorant and the characters of the game in the near future.

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