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Viveport Infinity With Over 700 VR Games For Free

It seems like due to the upcoming release of Half-Life: Alyx, a lot of players will buy VR headsets. Amid the coronavirus outbreak, folks might be required to stay at home and there are days left before Alyx is released. So, you may wonder what to play now. And here is our answer: Viveport Infinity.

What is Viveport?

Actually, Viveport is a gaming and management software that HTC developed for its virtual reality glasses (HTC Vive). But the software is also compatible with other Valve devices (Steam Index) and OpenVR. This software allows you to easily access and purchase games related to virtual reality for a relatively soft price.

Why should you try Vipeport?


It’s all about Infinity, which will allow you to access over 700 different VR games for $ 12 a month, which is not yet available. Not to mention that new users get a free 2-week trial which is absolutely a great deal. Because the acutest problem with VR games now is that they are purely for entertainment, but not capable of retaining players for days. Numerous games that gamers only play 1 to 2 times and then leave. Hence, with $ 12 a month or 2 weeks of the trial is more than enough for gamers to kill time until the Alyx launching. And even when the trial ends, $12 a month is a solid deal for the enormous VR games and apps.

Apart from that, technically, regarding the Viveport software, it is noticeably improved since last year. You may find some complaining about crashing on Reddit posts or Tweets but we haven’t found any issues so far and the download speed is fast.

If you want to buy games, you can buy it directly on Infinite and play them later without a subscription or try them here and buy them on Steam, similar to Game Pass on Xbox and Windows.

 viveport ninja fruit

Every coin has two sides. There are also a lot of bad games and apps on Infinity. Here are our recommendations for you when you start its free trial.

Arizona Sunshine – If you really intend to play Alyx, this is the game you should try first to be more surprised because the two games have the same perspective.

Fruit Ninja – From a new perspective, the long-known game becomes even more attractive.

Creed: Rise To Glory – Considered to be one of the best VR sports games right now. The fact that Infinity lets you play free games is a great bargain.

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