After instituting a work-from-home policy in response to the COVID-19, one company decided to get creative with its virtual meetings in Animal Crossing

Virtual Meetings Animal Crossing

Virtual meetings using Animal Crossing: New Horizons was tried by a Japanese Company since New York City banned the use of Zoom in schools and universities. In the past few weeks, the city trained its teachers and employees in using the platform to maintain some sort of semblance amidst the pandemic. However, after numerous reports about Zoom’s security, the world is quickly changing its perspective on easily accessible teleconferencing software.

Naturally, with Zoom’s quick exit as the world’s most reliable platform, everyone is looking for an alternative. With the novel coronavirus pandemic on everyone’s minds, many businesses across the globe have instituted work-from-home policies in an attempt to curb the spread of the virus and aid social distancing practices.

The experiment was documented in a Livedoor News article, which began when one employee suggested the idea of teleworking in the virtual world of Animal Crossing to a couple of other coworkers. Three employees decided to come together to test out this potential virtual meeting location. One volunteered to use their in-game island as their meeting location, while the other two flew over so they could all (virtually) be together.

Though fun, the experiment was less than stellar. After concluding the meeting, the writer listed down the few but critical disadvantages at working in Animal Crossing’s island paradises.

For example, the game can’t facilitate file transfers or private person-to-person chats. Also, usernames are almost impossible to recognize. Adding contacts on the island involves alphanumeric codes assigned to each Nintendo Switch user. And, of course, it’s hard to focus on actual work with island chores always lurking in the background.

As an adorable game, Animal Crossing: New Horizons fails as a productivity pusher. That said, the game is one of the most relaxing gaming experiences on this side of the pandemic era.

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