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VVVtunia announce more details Emotional Overdrive

Round up enemies in one fell swoop.

Compile Heart has updated in the official website for VVVtunia with details on the “Emotional Overdrive” and “Special Slots” battle systems.

Get the details below.

Emotional Overdrive: Round-Up Enemies in One Fell Swoop

By defeating enemies and building up a special gauge to its maximum amount, you can activate “Emotional Overdrive,” a timed special mode that allows you to round up defenseless enemies in one fell swoop. The characters that activate this mode will even put on a cute performance. Deal major damage to the enemy via the cooperative “Duet Skill.”


Special Slots: Defeat Enemies and Acquire Items

By continuously attacking enemies in Emotional Overdrive, “Special Slots” will activate. Depending on the icon the slots stop on, you can obtain consumable items, equipment, and more. You can also obtain items by defeating enemies, killing two birds with one stone.

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