War Tortoise 2 brings tons of valuable upgrades and lots of customization to our Tortoise

war tortoise 2 trailer

War Tortoise 2 is the second part of the War Tortoise tank game, where you will continue to participate in the battle with the “super turtle tanks” that create much more intense and explosive. In the game, you will control a heavy turtle-shaped tank, equipped to the teeth with powerful weapons and turrets.

Your goal is to defeat as many opponents as possible, gaining control of the battle. Making full use of the process of combat, gamers also explore a vast world extremely realistic.

However, the battle is not over because other species of creatures are fighting hard to see who will become the new owner to dominate this globe. As a mouse soldier controlling a huge tank (actually a battle turtle), you must fight and support fellow warriors with countless other enemies from toads to lizards, bugs. A combination of map exploration, shooting, and idle gameplay.

war tortoise 2 trailer

Players will ride a giant turtle, armed with powerful weapons such as anti-aircraft guns, machine guns…, explore the world. Then, hire units such as infantry, artillery and build the defense. War tortoise stands out with very nice and unique console-quality graphics. We can also explore the world, hire units such as infantry, artillery, attack the enemy and build a defense system in the opposite direction.


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