A good news for gamers in Japan on October 29. Taisho x Alice: Heads & Tails for Switch launches. Includes visual novel version of drama CD included with the PS Vita version.

The Switch version of Primula-developed otome visual novel Taisho x Alice: Heads & Tails will launch on October 29 in Japan for 5,940 yen, according to Japanese retail listings.

Taisho x Alice: Heads & Tails for Switch launches - gamologi.com

Taisho x Alice: Heads & Tails for Switch includes a visual novel version of the drama CD “Kagami no Kuni Ichi no Do S ha Dare da Taikai!,” which was included with the PS Vita version as a first-print purchase bonus.

Taisho x Alice: Heads & Tails first launched for PC in April 2017, followed by PS Vita in December 2017. It is a fan disc of the Taisho x Alice series containing after-stories for the original characters, as well as new routes for sub-characters Ookami and Ryoushi. There is also a school parody story with routes for all the original characters.

Watch the trailer here:

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