Many gamers after playing shooting games like Call of Duty: Warzone often feel dizzy and nauseous without knowing where the cause is

For first-person shooter (FPS) games like Call of Duty: Warzone, there is usually a situation where many players will feel dizzy and nauseous when playing the game. This situation starts from the phenomenon called Simulator Sickness and this is also known as an allergic disease for movements in virtual environments.

In fact, this phenomenon affects about 20-50% of the world’s population and most cases of “drunk” often occurs in first-person games. Usually, the shooting screen will have a fast tempo or because the viewing angle is so impressive that many gamers who after playing the game feel headache and have to quit the game.

In today’s article, we will try to find some ways to deal with this situation, so that gamers can play the first-person shooter more comfortably.

1. Keep your frame rate steady

Why Do Gamers Feel Dizzy and Nauseous When Playing Games?

Frame Per Second (FPS), also known as the frame rate per second, is a parameter that specifies the number of images in a second that your graphics card can draw. This also means that if your graphics card can draw as many images in a second, the image quality of the game will show better, smoother.

And one of the main causes of nausea and dizzy is that the frame rate is not kept to a stable level. In this case, you should make sure that your PC or laptop case is able to stabilize the frame at the most stable level, at least at 40-50 FPS, not necessarily 60 FPS.

2. Customize FOV again

Why Do Gamers Feel Dizzy and Nauseous When Playing Games?

Field of View is a factor that determines whether a player’s perspective in the game will be wide or narrow. If the viewing angle is too wide, you can see the whole scene but it is difficult to capture the movements in the distance. If it is too narrow, you will easily recognize the slightest movement, but it makes you dizzy.

In this case, players should adjust their FOV at about 90 or 100 in some games to minimize dizziness. However, not all games allow you to customize FOV in the game so trying to get used to it is necessary.

3. Play the game slowly, do not spin the mouse too fast

Another reason comes from the player’s side and it is extremely easy to cause motion sickness. Normally, in fast-paced games, it can give gamers a reflex, which is to rotate the mouse continuously to control the situation.

But in these cases, the player needs to stay calm, do not turn the mouse too fast or too much because it will make the eyes unable to get used to the pace, leading to fatigue, nausea after a while. game

4. Do not stick your eyes on the screen

Why Do Gamers Feel Dizzy and Nauseous When Playing Games?

The distance between the eyes and the screen or the sitting position is also what determines whether you have motion sickness or not. If you look closely at the screen. When a person sits still but is attacked by images of high speed, the body will automatically create a sense of imbalance, so the feeling of nausea is inevitable.

5. Practice and get used to overcoming hangover feeling.

Although it sounds ridiculous, if gamers can try to get used to the regular shooting games, they will probably get used to the speed of the shooting games so that they no longer feel dizzy or nauseous. However, despite trying most of the above methods, you still dizzy and nauseous, it is best … not to touch the shooting games anymore.

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