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Why you should play The Witcher 3: A masterpiece of Stimulation game

Little do you know that Witchers are a stone-cold killing machine, through dedicated training and can use all kinds of powerful magics. It may sound terrible, but practically, Witchers kill monsters for bonuses or eliminate punks who are worse than monsters – that’s the gist of a game saying, I recalled.

Back to the story of the protagonist Geralt, while searching for Jennifer, Geralt had to take a contract to kill a Griffin for the army in exchange for indication leading to that magician. So, what is Griffin? In the first place, the producer originally didn’t describe or mention about this creature, but in the process of uncovering Geralt’s clues, from the victims’ wounds to the indication, they all eventually lead Geralt to the nest of a Griffin couple, where the only dead body of the female Griffin remains.

According to Geralt’s analysis, the female Griffin was killed by soldiers, causing the male to furiously seek out the others for revenge. These Griffin pairs are called the Royal Griffin. Yes, I know. Even monsters are classified.

Geralt, the main character in the Witcher 3

Just through a single task that CD Projekt RED has guided and led us somewhat about the world and context of the game. The medieval fantasy world that is both mysterious and provocative has made many players sinking into it all the time without realizing it. Seemingly, CD Projekt RED engineers earn big respect for the world they have invented.

And so on, the journey of Geralt of Rivia began. The highlight of the whole game is the storyline and how the plot unfolds. It is intriguing and fascinating, and at the same time, we are likely watching a fantasy movie in a style of Game Of Thrones combined with the Lord of the Rings. However, instead of sitting in front of the TV, the game allows us to immerse ourselves in Geralt and let us be a part of that magical world in a sense of satisfaction, especially for those who hold the plot in great esteem like me.

the fighting scene in the Witcher 3

The way the producer leads us into the story and the secrets between the lines are implying and suggesting, making us constantly wonder and ready to get on and have a go for an answer. RPG is an inaccessible genre. Nevertheless, with The Witcher 3, everything is so light and sophisticated. We have to admire the layout of the dialogue that the player can choose so scientifically of CD Projekt RED.

Every choice of players, even the less sensible decision can make a difference in future events. Whether it’s good or bad, our decisions are likely going to play a big role in going as well as reflect our personalities in Geralt. Consequently, each player’s choices in the game are different and as a result, each person will receive different outcomes and create unique memories for their own. It appears to be the flair and the highlight of this game.

Needless to say, The Witcher 3 is something that any gamer and game producers should look up and be proud of. Seemingly, the Witcher 3 can be considered as the jewel of CD Projekt RED and a masterpiece of the entire gaming world.

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