Not to mention the original price up to nearly $40, just look at the achievements that World War Z has achieved in 2019, you have to download this game immediately.

World War Z

Amid the current epidemic, staying at home playing games is one of the healthiest, safest and fun ways to entertain. Understanding this, many game publishers have distributed free top games and Epic Games Store is no exception. In the event at the end of March, Epic will send gamers one of the most popular blockbusters in 2019 – World War Z.

Developed by Saber Interactive, World War Z is set in a post-apocalyptic world adapted from a film of the same name but with a completely different storyline. World War Z is basically like a “Left 4 Dead 3” because this is a 4-person co-op zombie shooter along with a lot of different elements and ideas inspired by Valve’s series of ‘Left 4 Dead’ games.

In World War Z, several special zombies have different abilities, including one that can crawl and jump on players, just like a Hunter in the Left 4 Dead game series. Some mechanisms are the same as those of the Left 4 Dead series, such as players can bring medkit bags to heal themselves or other players.

The zombies in World War Z are closely similar to the ones in the same movie which they can climb walls by climbing up into heaps. It’s may sound silly, but it will create the feeling of terror when you have to shoot at thousands of zombies trying to climb up to each other.

Moreover, developer Saber Interactive also created some haunting scenes. For example, while on a mission, the player had to climb a large vertical airway and suddenly thousands of zombies fell from the top like a storm. It is a game segment that makes anyone terrifying and is shocking.

World War Z

However, World War Z is not entirely a copy of Left 4 Dead 3, instead, it feels like the Saber Interactive developers have used the Left 4 Dead game series as a platform and features and mechanisms into the game.

The game runs on Saber Interactive’s own “Swarm Engine”, giving the game the ability to display “hundreds” of zombies in one game screen at a time. Wherein, players can choose 6 different character classes to perform 4-player co-op missions in zombie-filled cities such as New York, Jerusalem, Moscow, and Tokyo. In addition to fighting against zombies, the game also supports PvP mode.

Two months after its launch, the PC version of this zombie game has just achieved an admirable achievement. With 700,000 copies sold through the Epic Games Store, this game has become one of the most successful PC games in Saber Interactive’s history.

At the moment, World War Z is completely free on Epic Games Store. You just need to login to be able to download and play this game permanently.

You can download it here.

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