World War Z GOTY edition was announced by Saber Interactive.A GOTY Edition of the co-op zombie slayer launches in May on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, and the game is also in development for the Nintendo Switch

World War Z GOTY

World War Z GOTY edition is coming and can be play to PS4, Xbox and PC.

In a report from IGN, Saber Interactive has announced a GOTY edition of World War Z and a Nintendo Switch version. Alongside the previously released DLC, the GOTY edition will come with a new third-person PvE episode set in the French city of Marseille and new weapons and character packs.

“World War Z has had a huge impact on our studio in all respects. It feels fantastic to hit goals that perhaps a few years ago seemed unimaginable,” says Matt Kerch, Saber Interactive’s CEO. “We have over 10 million registered players that have played the game and our concurrent player counts are regularly in the tens of thousands. During our free week on the Epic Games Store 9.9 million people claimed the game and we peaked at 250k simultaneous users across platforms. The Epic team told me WWZ was the most successful free game on EGS yet – we even topped Left 4 Dead 2 in terms of downloads and number of players.”

For those that don’t know, World War Z is a third-person co-op game that has you fighting swarms of zombies. The game launched last year and went onto sell over two million copies a month after its launch. The developer has also added cross-platform play on Xbox One and PC. Additionally, cross-play will be coming to the PlayStation 4 version later on.

In addition to the GOTY edition, a Nintendo Switch version is in development but there’s no specific release date at this time. Having ported The Witcher 3 to the Switch, Kerch says developing World War Z for the Switch might be tougher.

“Keep in mind that we are rendering scenes with hundreds of enemies and four players online,” continues Kerch. “Getting this to run on the Switch is the hardest thing that we have had to do – this is true even though we are porting our own [Swarm] engine over to the platform.”

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