Youtube Music Explore Tab just launched and its now rolling out today. It also offers two ways to find music. And The explore tab is coming to the desktop too for those who use pc

Youtube Music Explore Tab

Youtube Music Explore Tab will hit the app for users on both Android and iOS devices, and should be rolling out to both platforms simultaneously. With it likely taking the same amount of time on both platforms to show up for all users.

YouTube’s music platform is rolling out a new feature called Explore that replaces the service’s current ‘Hotlist’ feature. With Explore, users will be better equipped to find new music and artists to enjoy, including new releases, playlists, and more. The feature is arriving on the service’s mobile apps first with a planned release on the desktop website in the coming weeks.

YouTube Music is Google’s main music service at this point in time; through it, users can find popular and obscure music, subscribe to artists’ channels, find content grouped based on moods, playlists, and more. In its present form, the service features Hotlist, which shows trending and new content.

Users can of course find the Explore Tab down at the bottom of the UI between the tabs for Home and Library. It was never terribly difficult to find new music in YouTube Music before. The new Explore Tab is aimed at enhanced simplicity though. So finding specific music should be a breeze compared to before.

In this tab there are two different ways to find something to listen to. One of those ways is the Moods & Genres.

With this method you can search for music that’s categorized as chill, romantic, or energizing. Depending on what your current mood is. Or if you know the genre of music you can just search by Rock, Hip Hop, Alternative etc.

If it’s new music you want, the Explore Tab offers this too. At the top of this tab when you open it, you’ll find the New Albums & Singles options. Similar to the way that Spotify has a dedicated section for new releases, this section of the Explore Tab will show you much of the new music that has recently been released.

It’ll even label whether or not it’s an album or a single. Something which the Spotify app unfortunately doesn’t do. Leaving you with having to tap on a new release to find out which one it is.

YouTube Music says it’ll be expanding to the web player sometime soon but it doesn’t mention anything about when. So you may just have to keep an eye out for it. For now, you can get a feel for what it’s like through the Android or iOS app.

There will also be future updates to the Explore Tab that will be designed to improve the experience of it. YouTube Music doesn’t elaborate on this either, but it’ll likely be changes that are taken into account after getting some user feedback on the feature post-launch.

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